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Start Your New Life Today With Your Own Business

by Justin January 25, 2015

The time is now for you to start your own business and start making your own money. Many people complain about having to work for someone else and follow their rules. Maybe you have better ideas or maybe you just want things to be done in a different way. Either way, instead of complaining about [...]

If and When to Sell a Fixed Annuity

by Justin January 14, 2015

Young people sometimes don’t really know what annuities are, so for those of you who might count yourself among this crowd, I’ll fill you in. Annuities are a financial product typically tailored for the senior citizen: specifically, the retiree. If you are about the retire, and have current, sufficient income, you might anticipate your future [...]

The Beauty That Is Trading Online

by Justin December 23, 2014

Trading Online Back in the early 2000’s there were over 20 million people investing online according to author David Hallerman. Since these times the market has been multiplying and multiplying but more importantly technology and online trading has been getting increasingly accessible as time goes by. From stocks to currencies, Options to Spot Rates and [...]

Save energy and money with your washing machine

by Justin December 9, 2014

Rule number one of shopping for a brand new washing machine – do not purchase a cheap one if it will cost you a fortune to run. Which? tested a number of washing machines regarding the amount they cost to run which varied from £11 to a staggering £50. This is a huge difference in [...]

How to find great value antiques

by Justin December 9, 2014

Hand crafted from the highest quality materials and built for royalty, aristocrats and wealthy institutions – antiques are known for being expensive with many even considered priceless. Although there are plenty of high value pieces out there, there are also a large number of antique furnishings and ornaments that are much more affordable. This allows [...]

The Subtle Intricacies to Tasting Success at an Investment Bank

by Justin November 26, 2014

There is a lot more to succeeding in banking than just profit-generation and sales. There are lots of unstated rules about town and following these are crucial for people who wish to emerge victorious on the scene of investment banking. Progression in banking has led to new character traits in professionals. If you are looking [...]