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Should I Tip Beyond Restaurant Servers?

by Justin May 1, 2016

Recently my husband and I had some home renovation work done and we wondered if we should tip the contractor for his great work at the end of the job.  I wasn’t really sure what we should because we were already paying him for the work, so we decide not to tip him.  I believed […]

Surprising Factors That Affect Commodity Prices

by Justin April 28, 2016

After the forex market the commodities market is the second largest in the world and it offers plenty of great investment opportunities for individuals and businesses. There are two main categories of commodities: hard and soft. Hard commodities are mainly natural resources like gold, oil and more whereas soft ones are livestock and agricultural products. […]

Reasons Why You Must Own a Shapewear

by Justin April 24, 2016

If you have already tried out everything but still failed to lose weight, there is a better way to look slimmer. This full-proof method is and easy and instant: shapewear garments. Many people have questioned the comfort and effectiveness of this apparel but it can be concluded that shapewears are great alternatives to weight loss […]

Being Cheap Can Actually Cost You More in the Long Run

by Justin April 21, 2016

Being cheap has usually a negative connotation when it comes to describing a person.  I immediately think of friends of mine who will run to the bathroom when it is time to buy a round of drinks, or all throwing money in the center of the table, clearly seeing they shorted the amount for a […]

Hire a Professional Translation Company and Save Money

by Justin April 19, 2016

Globalization has become so common that companies feel the urge to take their business to the international market. While this is a great way to make money, it can be quite challenging as well. For, the culture, language and business techniques in different locations vary. One of the biggest issues that most businesses face is […]

Smart shoppers’ guide: 5 unusual ways to pay less

by Justin April 19, 2016

Picture this, you are hanging out at the mall. Shop after shop, you set foot in out of curiosity; and there they are, beautiful displays filled with temptations. Your attention is now fully absorbed by that one thing on the hanger that screams “Take me home with you !”. Plot twist, it’s not that time […]