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5 Important Steps to Prepare for Retirement

by Justin July 12, 2015

Retirement is the last major transition in your life. It’s when you leave the workforce after forty or more years to enjoy many happy years of bliss. But there is still work to be done to make the move into retirement as smoothly as possible. You must make sure you take these five steps to [...]

Opening a Restaurant? Read These Tips First

by Justin June 20, 2015

We imagine this won’t be news to you (and if it is, you might be in trouble), but opening a restaurant is risky business. Far more restaurants fail than succeed, and those that do “succeed” often spend years teetering on the brink of closure, devouring resources, testing marriages, and causing ulcers until, finally, the weight [...]

What to Do if You Owe Back Taxes

by Justin May 28, 2015

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it’s likely that your primary focus is on getting your back taxes paid off as quickly as possible and with minimal fuss. After all, no one likes dealing with the IRS. But if you take your time and plan things out carefully, there are still ways that [...]

What You Should Know Before Trading Binary Options

by Justin May 27, 2015

Now that the recession seems safely behind us, a lot of people finally feel comfortable to begin investing again. Leaving your money in a savings account may have felt like the right move when the market was suffering, but you can’t do it forever. Smart investing is the only way to stay ahead of inflation. [...]

Getting Your Financial House in Order by Getting Out of Debt

by Justin May 21, 2015

If you’re like many Americans, you are working to pay down personal debt, whether from credit cards or student loans. At the same time, however, a tough economy has tightened many people’s finances even more than usual. If you are struggling to get out from under debt, just remember that you are not alone. Below [...]

Which Financial Careers Offer the Best Pay

by Justin May 11, 2015

Despite being very lucrative, financial careers are among the most challenging sectors in the industry. Often related to insurance, finance professionals have a plethora of roles that they can explore. It is highly recommended that you choose a career path that involves the use of analytical skills combined with management of a company department that [...]