15 Best Forex Bloggers You Need to Follow

by Justin on July 12, 2016

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Forex trading is now widespread. Therefore there are a plethora of blogs all devoted to the subject. But not usually provide reliable and up to date information that can help any trader out there. In this brief article, we have listed few best bloggers that provide frequently updated information on the topic of forex trading. The list is not necessarily arranged in any order, but bloggers listed here are the few that we recommend that you follow.

  1. Kathy Lien

Kathy is one of the best international forex bloggers you can come across. Her blog’s focus specifically on how you can forecast trades across all the markets. She has taken the authority in forecasting .due to her experience as an MD in one of the largest asset management firm New York, and her history of graduation at the age of 18 and above all her appearance of the television.

  1. Yohay Elam

Yohay is the founder of Forex Crunch, and his blogs is an excellent resource when it comes to accuracy currency prediction, plenty of reviews on brokers and different platforms. His sites also have everything you need to know as a forex trader but in a light-hearted take including technical news analysis and much more.

  1. Vladimir Ribakov

He has been a trader for 11 then just recently turned to be a mentor. His blogs can certify his extensive knowledge in forex trading. Vladimir site is the most appealing you will come across, with a paid section for VIP and a free one, with daily and weekly market analysis as well as currency pairing.

  1. James Chen

Chen is well-known due to his book ‘Essential of Foreign exchange trading’ but he is also an excellent technical analyst having published a lot of articles on the leading publications. He also writes daily currency analysis and everything you may need to know about trading seminars.

  1. Larry GreenBerg

Larry creates his blog in an attempt to educate everyone on international events tied to currency. His blogs are one of the best today, still highlighting everything related to global currency markets. He has over 35 years as a currency analyst, so you will find his blogs a great tool, especially on his special section on his site that is not tied to any currency pair or any particular market.

  1. Joel Keith Rivas

Joel Keith manages TicsandPips.com being an experience trades and entrepreneur. His blogs usually focus on economics and forex trading in general and actively focusing on trading psychology and more.

  1. Casey Stubbs

Casey is the founder of winner edge training and his years of experience as a trader allows him to share information related to forex trends and analysis on top currency on his site and his blogs.

  1. Michael McCarthy

Michael McCarthy is a blogger at Forexnews.com. He has over 30 years experience in financial markets. His blogs usually focus on global as well as local markets. His blogs take interests in market analysis, formulating trading, and he also plays a vital role in educating about CMC markets.

  1. Lion Cohen

Lion, an MB graduate economics manages one of the most popular trading site; the TradingNRG. His blogs provide analysis as well as news related to energy-based commodities affecting the forex exchange market.

  1. James Wooley

His primary focus on his blog lies on personal developments tips, forex strategies and ideas specifically to new investors and traders.

  1. Jarratt Davis

He is said to manage over $250 million of assets, and he only started as a retail trader. He owns one of the most insightful blogs in forex trading, mostly dealing with currency news, weekly forecast and accurate currency analysis.

  1. Francesc Riverola

Francesca is the well-known blogger and the owner of FXstreet one of the largest forex portals. Being an economist from Barcelona, he was able to mold his small business to a stable international company. His blogs focus on forex news, analysis, and details statistics.

  1. Andriy Moraru

He started his blog in the year 2006, and his blog is one of the few that are still operational and practical until today. He began as subtle and now he owns a large commercial business with multiple bloggers with the most comprehensive blogs on forex trading you will come across. His primary focus is predictions, broker analyses, and reviews as well as the forex exchange signals.

  1. Marc Chandler

Marc has been in several global financial banks most of the time quoted in the main prints all over the world. His blog takes an interest in currency and economy especially in the US and how the trend will affect the international trades as a whole.

  1. Ryan Sheehy

Ryan set up her blog just ten years ago sharing forex information through videos and blogs. He sparks a lot of curiosity in every aspect of forex trading where traders can learn from experts’ interviews and detailed technical analysis.

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