3 Tools to Make Busy Lives Better

by Lindy on February 15, 2011

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I spend a lot of time harping on stuff – the kind that clutters the closets and makes me trip in the middle of the night.  Though a lot of stuff does give me heartburn, I’ll admit that not all of it is bad. In fact, some of it makes me incredibly happy. Some of it has the power to transform lives. I might even go as far as to say that these items are essentials for any busy family.

So I thought I would give credit to some of the useful, practical, simple products in my life.  And in the interest of Valentine’s Day (how was yours, by the way?)  I’m presenting them to you in love format.

Item #1: I heart my Tubtrug.
This was a Christmas gift that I gave to myself.  I saw it first on Apartment Therapy.  Are you surprised about this fact? I bought it for purposes of toting things to and from my car.

Every morning I stock it up with the day’s essentials: backpacks, lunches, sold books that need to go to the post office.  This helps me to avoid forgetting something important as I’m running out the door.  I run out the door every morning, you know.

Then all day long it sits on the passenger side of my car, and I fill it up with the normal crud that collects in one’s car: water bottles, action figures, sippy cups, receipts, jackets that get thrown off in the afternoon heat.  When we pull into the driveway at the end of the day, I can shuttle my unwieldy kids into the house and take all of their stuff inside with one hand.  Thanks to Tubtrug, there are no more second trips back to the car.  Second trips in heels at the end of the long day are something I like to avoid.  Keeping the car clean and clutter free has never been so easy.

Tubtrugs are durable and incredibly versatile.  They come in various sizes and colors, and the price is not bad.  I got mine for $10.  You want one now, don’t you?

Item #2: If I could wrap my arms around this laundry sorter and give it a hug, I would.

A-Rob and I used to be a one-hamper couple.  Or, more like one hamper, and one giant bedroom floor.  Both of them accepted clothes willingly.

I was finding though, that on laundry day I was spending the first 10+ minutes sitting in the closet and sorting everything into piles.  Then collecting the clothes from the bedroom floor and sorting those into piles.  And then more piles in the kids’ room. That’s when I decided it was time to splurge on a sorter.  This one is from Target.  It was a bit pricey, but definitely worth it.  The dark blue bag is for darks, the light blue bag is for whites, and the middle bag is for colors.  And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that every time I throw a dirty piece of clothing into my sorter, my soul gives out a satisfying yelp.

You know what else is satisfying?  Wheeling it from the closet out to the bedroom to sort in the floor clothes, then from the bedroom to the kids’ room, where I sort in their clothes, then to its final destination the laundry room, all under 5 minutes flat.  Not only is this thing a big time-saver, but it also corners like it’s on rails.

Item #3: Rechargeable batteries, the gift that keeps on giving.

These were a gift from A-Rob’s mom last year.  I think it is safe to call it one of the best gifts of the year.  And I am really not being sarcastic.

We can rip through a pack of double A batteries in seconds flat in this family.  The biggest culprit is my camera.  Or, it might be me actually, because I keep forgetting that my camera doesn’t do auto-shutoff when it’s plugged into the computer.

I bought an extra set of these bad boys, so we always have some charged up and ready to go when the others die out. The best part about the Energizer system is that when they’re done charging, the whole unit shuts down and stops drawing power from your outlet.  Genius, I tell you.

So, I would love to hear what products you’re lovin’ on these days.  What can you not live with out? What has made your life better?

PS: I did not get paid by anyone to share this information.  Just showing the stuff love and hoping to inspire you along the way.

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  • We do something similar. We also have a tub in the car (really, a blue recycling box) that holds everything.

    We went a step farther and bought one of those foldable dollies (trollies?) where you can strap in the box, and carry REALLY heavy stuff like groceries just by rolling it rather than actually holding it in your arms.

    This is great for us apartment/hotel dwellers who don’t have a home and quick steps up from the car to the front door.

    • Lindy

      The dolly is a good idea. We have one that we use at work, it just feels like you are being so productive when you get to wheel large quantities of things in lieu of carrying them.

  • I have two out of three, but I am looking into tubtrug or a reasonable facsimile. I am thinking why didn’t I think of that, not even on a inventing or selling concept, but the idea of having a designated catchall for the car, I am always forgetting my canvas grocery bags. Sometimes the simplest concepts escape me.

    • Lindy

      I know, it’s amazing when I realize that there is an easy solution and it’s right under my nose. I used to use an old Ikea bag to achieve the same thing, but there is something about the sturdiness of the tub (and the cuteness maybe) that makes it work better.

  • Lindy, do those bags on the laundry thingy detach? If they did they’d be ideal for me since my laundry room is in the basement. I have a shorter 3 basket thing that’s smaller and the same concept, but it ripped and hardly holds anything anyway.

    • Lindy

      They do come off, but I don’t think they are intended to be taken off frequently because the action to do it is kind of unnatural. I have seen some that have an inner liner that can be lifted out of each compartment as well.

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