3 Ways Water Can Hurt You Financially

by Kyle Taylor on April 21, 2013

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Curing the water bottle dilemmaAt first I titled this post, “3 Ways Water Can Hurt You”, but then after I had images of ancient torture contraptions (you know, the one that continually drips on your forehead until you go crazy), I decided to be a little more specific and let you know I was talking about your finances! Anyway, back on track here.

Water is a great thing. In fact, it’s necessary for us to live! But, there are times when we might wish that water just didn’t exist. Specifically, there are three ways where water can absolutely kill our budget. Avoid these costs and you’ll be able to call water your friend again.

Roof Leaks

I have quite a few friends that have had issues with their roofs lately. Some have new roofs and some have old roofs. When water wants to get inside your home, it doesn’t seem to matter. So what financial problems arise from water getting into your house?

First of all, if it’s actually leaking through your ceiling, that means it has soaked through your plaster or drywall and has most likely left a visible stain!

Second, if you have carpet and the water has found its way onto it, then it probably needs replacement.

Finally, if you have enough water coming in, there may be structural damage to your house and a strong possibility for mold! If you see discoloration in your shingles or notice that a leak is beginning inside, don’t just ignore it, take action! Your wallet will thank you.

Water Softeners

Did you know that Harvey Water Softeners can save you money on your electric and clothing bills? It’s 100% true. If your white shirts have transformed into yellow shirts, and if your shower is suddenly a shade of orange that you never intended, then you most likely have hard water. And, if you have hard water, that means that you have too many metallic ions in your water, which makes it much harder to heat than regular water. So, when your hot water heater is churning away to give you a hot pot of coffee or a hot shower, it’s putting forth extra energy and is actually costing you more!

And, since you have to go out and replace your yellow shirts with new white ones, that is killing your pocket book as well. If you simply got a Harvey block salt softener, then you would no longer have these additional expenses.

Too Much Water Used

Many of us take water for granted. We never had to walk five miles down a rocky hill to fetch a bucket of stream water. All we have to do is turn our faucet and presto! ‘Would you like it cold or hot?’ Unfortunately, since we are so used to having water all around us, many of us tend to waste it; Showers that last for 15 minutes, faucets that continue to run – even when we’re not in the same room, and sprinklers that carelessly throw water onto the pavement for no good reason at all. Pay careful attention to what you’re doing with your water and you’ll be saving money in the process.

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