5 Reasons Your Company Should Be on LinkedIn

by Justin on December 7, 2016

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LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals, has proven to be an effective way to market your business. According to an article in Forbes, “A LinkedIn Company Page gives a business a fantastic opportunity to promote its products and services, recruit top talent, and share important, interesting, and useful updates.” Here are some important reasons why your company should have a presence on LinkedIn.

Increased awareness

The most obvious reason is that a LinkedIn page informs people about your business and what it does. A profile offers basic company information and shows highly credible third-party recommendations that can enhance your reputation.


Another great thing about using LinkedIn for your business is that it allows you to establish yourself as an expert on a subject. By joining and participating in groups, you can earn a reputation as a trusted influencer. A Forbes article says, “As a key channel for professional content distribution, there’s no more effective network for establishing yourself or your brand as a leader in your industry.”


More people are turning to LinkedIn to find work, which makes it a great place to find top talent for your business. According to Forbes, “the use of social professional networking sites for recruiting has exploded over the past 4 years.”


All companies want to get to the top of a Google search list, but few achieve it. There are various ways to try doing this, but they can be costly. However, having a LinkedIn page is a free way to get your company noticed. Wayne Breitbarth, a LinkedIn consultant, says “Google generally reports LinkedIn company pages within the top 1–2 pages of results.” Not only does LinkedIn enhance search visibility for your company, it also drives people to your website. According to Medium, “LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Facebook or Twitter.”


Announcing a new CEO? Celebrating 20 years in business? Launching a product? Use LinkedIn for exciting company updates and announcements. This is a medium for business professionals, which makes it the perfect place to post announcements, product launches, success stories, and anything company-related that might not interest your Facebook or Twitter followers.

More companies are using LinkedIn to enhance brand awareness and strengthen their reputations.

Some PR firms specialize in creating LinkedIn profiles to help with companies’ public images. They also can post content regularly on the social media platform so the company stays fresh in the audience’s mind.


When people see the profiles of your employees, they are not just assessing the personal brand of your company employees; they are also making decisions about your business. When they see quality content and consistency in the employee’s profiles, they form a positive image of your brand.

This affects all elements of your branding, including corporate branding and employee branding. Moreover, the more your employees engage with your community on LinkedIn, the more connected they will be to the company’s identity. If the human aspects of your brand are more engaged and visible, it becomes easier to increase trust with the stakeholders.

After all, it is not products but people who build relationships and promote a customer-centric culture.

Opening doors

No matter what your role in the organization is, there are certain doors that need to be opened for the job to get done. LinkedIn has great value for sales persons, whose profiles help in building and nurturing relationships with prospective as well as existing clients. This site also helps in the building of warm links.


Whether your employees need to find vendors, business partners, or distributors, LinkedIn gives them the tools to connect with and find external resources. Thanks to recommendations, endorsements, and relationships that you build with others, you can validate what others say about themselves.

According to an article on Mosaico-PR.com, digital and social media have changed the way we transmit and receive information.

Are you at a loss about how to use LinkedIn? You should enlist the help of a PR agency

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