5 Simple Tricks To Make Your Next Vacation More Affordable

by Kyle Taylor on August 1, 2013

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BeachPeople wait all year long for a relaxing summer getaway.  If you’re looking forward to your yearly vacation, here are some tips to save you money and make the trip more enjoyable.  The key to saving more is to start planning for your next vacation as soon as this one is over.  You may not have time to plan ahead for this year’s summer vacation, but you can take these steps for next year’s trip:

1.  Stash away money all year long.  Nothing can take the fun out of a vacation more than worrying if you have enough money to pay for the things you’d like to do.  If you vacation every July, set a target budget, say, $2,400, and divide that number by 12.  In this case, you’ll save $200 every month.  Then, you can enjoy your vacation knowing you have the money available.

2.  Use your credit cards strategically.  If you have credit cards with rewards, strategically plan your purchases so you can maximize your rewards.  You can build up reward points for free flights and hotel costs, which can slash your vacation costs.

3.  Pack simply.  Don’t make the mistake of overpacking.  Remember that you can do laundry while on vacation.  Pack one simple carry on.  You’ll be glad when you’re walking and flying to only have a small suitcase. (You’ll also save by not having to check extra luggage at the airport and paying the accompanying fee.)

Remember, too, that some items can do double duty.  For instance, instead of bringing your camera and your phone, simply use your Samsung Galaxy S4 (or whatever phone you have) to take pictures.  The less you have to bring, the better.

4.  Plan ahead.  If you’ll be vacationing somewhere within the United States, plan ahead.  Sign up for daily deal sites for the city you’ll be visiting so you can snag some deal vouchers.  These vouchers can save you 50% or more off restaurants and other tourist destinations.  You’ll need to sign up several months early, though, so you’ll have time to find all of the good deals.

5.  Buy passes.  Many large cities offer two or three day passes.  For a set fee, you’ll be able to gain entry to many different museums and tourist attractions.  This fee is usually reduced from the cost you’d pay at each place individually.  You can also get passes for public transportation and save a bundle.  Make sure you know which sites you want to visit before you go so you can buy the pass that best fits your needs.

A vacation can be fun and relaxing and a great way to refresh yourself–if you plan for it.  If you take the steps ahead of time to make your vacation more affordable, you’ll enjoy yourself more.  There’s nothing worse than taking a vacation and wondering if you have enough money to do what you’d like to do or adding up how much you’re charging on the credit card and dreading facing the payment when you return home.

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