5 Ways to Save Money and Still Have Fun

by Kyle Taylor on January 22, 2014

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Savings Account

Swap Shop

Have you got loads of things lying around that you don’t use anymore like clothes, kids toys and bikes, unwanted gifts and all those culinary gadgets (like pasta makers) that are still in the box five years after you got them? If you have, the good news is everyone else you know probably has, too. What you need to do next is organize a swap part so that you and your friends can swap all those unwanted things for each other’s unwanted things. Just think, you might soon have a new wardrobe, age appropriate toys and bikes for the kids or new kitchen gadgets that might help you make those gourmet meals you want to. Of course you’re not going to get everything you need to in a swap shop but great friends will always lend each other things the other one needs.

Buy in Bulk

There are loads of wholesalers/retail outlets that sell things more cheaply than your local supermarkets – the problem is that you have to buy them in quantities that you probably haven’t got room to store it all. This needn’t be a problem though if you get together with friends and share the bulk between you. Everyday items that are significantly cheaper when you buy in bulk include washing powder, toilet rolls, pet-food and coffee – and a whole host of other items you’re currently paying too much for in your weekly shop. Buying in bulk should mean you don’t have to miss out those luxury items you want.

Swap a night-out for a night-in.

There are loads of ways of cutting back whilst still having fun which include the more obvious ones of cooking a fancy meal at home rather than paying restaurant prices, or splitting the cost of renting a movie and chipping in for snacks rather than going to the cinema. However, there are lots of other ways to enjoy a night-in including the latest online gaming phenomenon – online bingo. What’s really good about online bingo is that you usually get a welcome offer of free money to play with when you become a member and then a massive first deposit bonus on top of that. And, despite most of that money being free you can still play for cash prizes with it – even jackpots in some cases. Bingo rules are simple to understand, too, and it is fun to play on your own or you can invite friends round to play with you. If you invite friends round – they’ll also be entitled to all the welcome offers and bonuses you were – and you might receive an extra bonus just for referring them. To find out more you can play games on GalaBingo Online.

Smart- shopping 

Lots of retail is seasonal and learning to buy your clothes when they’re actually going out of season can save you a fortune in the long run – and many of these clothes you’ll actually end up using all year round. Swimwear at the end of summer is usually reduced to half-price because the shops don’t have room for it, whilst coats are often half-price as summer looms.

Utilize your phone’s capabilities 

Mobile phone lovers have never had it so good and the ranges of apps that are out there are begging to be utilized when it comes to saving you money. Whether it’s an app for finding cheaper gas prices you’re after, or one that tells you when and where the latest sales are on you really are wasting money if you’ve not got an app for it. Plus, with all the money you’re saving, you can treat yourself to the latest cut-price meals-out or a cheap weekend away.

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