5 Weird Ways to Make Money

by Donny on July 8, 2013

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Inkjet printer cartridges
Are you looking to make extra money?  Who isn’t now days, right?  Sure, you’ve probably heard of the classic ways to make extra money such as dog walking, delivering pizza, babysitting, delivering newspapers, and others.  Did you know that there are many more flexible ways to make money that don’t require a daily or weekly commitment?

Here are some of our favorites:

Sell your ink cartridges.

Sure, you may be used to recycling your ink cartridges, but did you know you can sell them and make some cash?  There are plenty of companies that offer this option, including Phoenix Direct.  If you’re already sending in cartridges to recycle, why not just change where you mail them in and make some cash?

Sell your plasma.

If you already donate blood, donating plasma is not much different.  The only main difference is that after the plasma is spun from your blood, your blood is inserted back into your body.  For this reason, the process is a bit longer than giving blood.  However, plasma is used to help burn victims as well as those who have hemophilia.  In addition to making money, know that you’re helping someone in need.

MSN also suggests that some hospitals pay for blood donation, so call the local hospitals in your area.

Sell your hair.

Do you have beautiful, long, healthy hair?  If so, you can cut it off and make some good money.  Depending on the color, condition and length, you could make anywhere from $50 to a few hundred for your hair.  You can sell it on eBay, or there are other sites that focus exclusively on selling hair.

Give your opinion.

Peruse Craigslist under “ETC” under Jobs, and you’ll likely find opportunities to get paid for giving your opinion.  You’ll first have to complete a questionnaire.  If you’re a good match for that particular survey, you’ll be able to attend.  Depending on the survey, you could earn $50 or more for two hours giving your opinion to the company.  What a sweet gig!

Sell your body to science.

You can choose to make money by agreeing to invasive medical studies, but if you would prefer not to be a living science experiment, you can still earn cash this way.  Instead, you can enroll for non-invasive sleep studies.  You’ll earn a few hundred to a thousand dollars depending on how much time is involved and if you have to stay overnight at the clinic.

If you want to make extra money but can’t make a weekly commitment, any one of these ideas can help you make extra money without cramping your schedule.

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  • These are definitely all interesting ways to make money! :)

  • All interesting to say the least. I have known quite a few people that have donated plasma as well as other bodily fluids to make some extra cash.

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