How We Made an Extra $5812 In One Year

by Lindy on August 23, 2011

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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me, happy birthday Minting Nickels…..

Wow, one year of blogging has whooshed right on by. It seems only yesterday I hit that scary blue Publish button for the very first time, on a post that I’d spent weeks (months?) writing and rewriting to perfection.

My hands may have been shaking a little when I did that one year ago today.

(Oh my, I feel this post has the potential to get all squishy and sappy. I’ll try to contain myself.)

Since this is a website about our adventures in learning how to make money (at least, that’s what our tagline says we’re about), I thought it would be fun to take a look at how much we’ve made so far and break it up into bite-sized pieces.

Here’s how we made $5812 by selling our stuff over the course of one year.

Yard Sales – $165

Selling our old media at and used bookstores

CDs – $436

Books – $545

Comic books – $115

Video games – $169

DVDs – $26

Selling unwanted gift cards – $82

Cashing in our coins – $198

Trading old electronics to into Gazelle and eBay instant sale – $79

Craigslist sales (old furniture and a lawn mower) – $530

Selling music gear to a friend – $100

Selling baby gear at the kid consignment store – $32

Rebates – $69

Ebay sales – $3166

Selling our gold jewelry – $100

Whew! It doesn’t seem so scary broken up like that.  It goes to show, those little transactions really add up over time (in case you missed it, see our transactions page for detailed posts on all of the above).

You may be wanting to ask, Lindy, are you finally finished selling your stuff?

To which I may be wanting to respond, Nopes.

Will we ever be done? Probably not. The good news is, we’ve done a fine job of decluttering over the past year.  The bad news is, it just keeps on coming.  Not that we’re buying a lot of new stuff, because we aren’t, but as the kids get older and grow out of their old things, there’s more stuff we can get rid of.  Same goes for us adults.

At some point we’ll need to decide if we want to continue the ritual of selling our things, or if we want to call it a day and go back to donating it all.  I guess we’ll figure that out as we go.

We have some fun things planned for the next year of Minting Nickels – new ways to make money, new ways to save money, new ways to stretch and grow, and not sleep.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to spending another year with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming along with us! Thank you for sharing your stories, and advice when we’re particularly clueless. You make this all worth our while.

(me = sappy)

And now, for a trip down memory lane, with a little photo montage.

PS: Today also happens to be the one year blog birthday of Niki at Debt Free by 30.  That’s right, we’re blog twins.  And in case you’re wondering if blog twins are like real twins in that we finish each others’ sentences and any time she burns her hand, I feel it too, the answer is yes. Niki is hosting a giveaway for her birthday. Head on over to her site and sign up to win copies of The Millionaire Next Door and Your Money or Your Life.

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  • Happy Birthday Twin!

    I love your photo montage. Brings back so many memories.

    What a great year for us both. Can’t wait to see what the next year is going to bring.

    • Lindy

      Thanks Niki! It was a lot of fun putting the photos together and remembering all the old posts.
      I’m looking forward to another great year too.

  • Happy birthday!! What are great photo collage and congrats on the savings!

  • …and many mooooooooorrre!

    I’ve been enjoying your blog since I first stumbled upon it (ouch!), and am looking forward to much more.

  • Happy Birthday! Right now I’m trying to increase my savings by getting a side job. Hopefully it all works out for me!

    • Lindy

      Best of luck to you!

  • Happy bday!!! Here’s to another year!

  • Happy Birthday!! I especially love the photo in the montage that says “I’m cute, but I eat time for breakfast.”

  • Happy blog birthday! And all of those little sales sure did add up to a lot!

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!

    I’m trying to do side gigs at work and selling my non use belongings to get extra income.

  • Happy blogiversary!

  • It’s been a very fun year reading your blog and having you visit mine. I did something similar a couple of years ago, but my zeal for selling has fallen off a bit. I am due for another round. I have a few things on craig’s at the moment but so far, no takers.

    I hope year two is as exciting as year 1 was.

    • Lindy

      Thanks Sandy! I’ve enjoyed your stories as well.

  • yay!! Happy birthday! I’m coming up on my half birthday which is amazing.

    Great job on your profits!! It all adds up!

  • Ann

    Woot woot! Happy blogthrday! The amount of money you’ve made is extremely impressive, but broken down like that, it seems almost… doable?

  • rob

    Ok, you made extra $5812 In One Year, but that’s not all profit i assume.

    • Lindy

      Profit? What’s profit? We’ve made maybe about 5% of it. That’s maybe a new goal for next year. But we have $5800 that we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t go through this whole exercise, so I’m counting it as a win.

  • Did you have any fun with this scrapping for nickels? Cos if you weren’t than in my opinion it’s useless. Money is just money after all.

  • Happy Blog Birthday! I recently found your blog but really enjoy it. I’m super impressed by how much you’ve managed to sell! It really does add up.

  • Congratulations! I am always impressed with how much people make selling books and stuff online. I really need to get in on this! I have tried in the past but no dice. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy b-day! I just wanted to say that is awesome…hmmm, too much superlative? In any case, it’s great that you made it one year by cashing in all your stuff for greenbacks — congrats!

    • Lindy

      Awesome is never an unwelcome superlative around these parts.

  • I really need to get off my lazy butt and sell my books, CDs and random “smaller” junk. I just got rid of my last high-priced item and I’m afraid I won’t get the same ‘fix’ off of selling things.

    Congrats on making an extra $5812. That is awesome!

    • Lindy

      I can see that. One nice thing though, is that book sales are a lot of work up front, but not as much on the back end, so it’s sort of like getting free money when it finally comes in.

  • Congratulation! Very nice montage too. :)
    I made $80 selling the baby swing last weekend. He didn’t like it anyway.

    • Lindy

      My kids weren’t so into the swing either. :)

  • Congrats!!! :) Love the photos! Your brains look delicious! ;) lol!

  • Happy Blog Birthday, Lindy!!!

    And oh my goodness: almost $6k in one year? I AM SO IMPRESSED! I had like, a quiet goal to earn an extra $3000 this year, and I’m not even on track and I’m still doing better than I expected to be doing. Woah!

  • Happy Birthday. I am so impressed and inspired by your accomplishments! Love the photos! Excited to see what this next year brings you!

  • Laura @ no more spending

    Happy Birthday Lindy! Love the montage and that you’ve made selling your stuff fun for us readers :)

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  • Kristin aka Sissy

    Happy belated blog birthday to my AMAZING sister! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  • Wow that’s awesome you were able to make so much extra money! It’s very inspring!

  • Thanks for keep track and sharing! This is excellent inspiration. It really does all add up.

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