A Surefire Way to Effectively Lose Weight

by Justin on December 21, 2016

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Losing weight is never easy. It is not an overnight process, but satisfactory weight-loss requires consistency. Most people become disheartened after a few weeks into their weight-loss plans, and stop trying altogether. This ultimately results in no weight-loss whatsoever, whereas simply following a specific weight-loss plan for a certain amount of time is enough to reduce weight to a satisfactory level.

In this article, we will take a look at one such method: Motivate Weight Management – a practical, effective and sustainable weight-loss plan.

The Brains behind the Plan

Motivate Weight Management was established by Dr. Maurice Larocque, an expert in bariatric medicine with over 35 years of research. Having graduated from the University of Montreal, Dr. Larocque devoted and dedicated his professional medical career to coming up with a practical, effective and sustainable weight-loss plan.

Motivate Weight Management

A clinically proven weight-loss plan, Motivate Weight Management was created and developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque. His approach to weight-loss is composed of the belief that in order to achieve effective and lasting change, attempting to manage behavior and choices alone will not be enough.

A Unique Weight-loss Approach

The program recognizes the fact that attempting to lose weight is a sign of deeper, more significant causes, and this is the main difference which sets them apart from other weight-loss programs.

They identify and rectify the main cause underneath the lifestyle choices of a client, and then tackle the problem from the inside out.

Motivate Diet Plan

Motivate makes it a priority to help clients lose as much weight as possible in a given amount of time. They determine meal plans made up only of food provided by them and delivered to the client. This offers the most suitable and complete option.

Weight-loss at Your Fingertips

Keeping pace with the modern smart age, Motivate’s smartphone app allows you to easily keep track of your weight-loss progress. The app assesses your daily habits to identify behavioral patterns and lets you know whether they are encouraging or inhibiting your quest to lose weight.

Live Coaching and Advice

In addition to having the HealthTrac App, Motivate also allows clients to seek advice over the phone or via live chat. There are also motivational videos designed to help clients lose weight effectively.

The Motivate Diet Plan comes in two forms: the Quick Start 7 – Day Plan and the Motivate Monthly Plan.

The Quick Start 7 – Day Plan

This short yet effective weight-loss plan is designed to help you lose weight fast. It consists of meal plans made up of food provided and sent to your door. This includes a week’s worth of supply of 42 delicious protein supplements, including:

  • Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry delight, Pina Colada and California dreaming smoothies
  • Chicken and vegetable, farmhouse cheddar and broccoli, Hungarian mushroom and Thai tomato soups
  • Tex-Mex, Lemon & Herb, and Garlic & Herb pasta
  • Chocolate crisp bars
  • BBQ zipper snacks

This plan also allows you access to the HealthTrac App and Motivate’s Online Resource Center for a month. You also get a free book by Dr. Maurice Larocque: “What is your Why” and live support over the phone and chat.

Motivate Monthly Plan

This plan is designed to bring about a complete weight-loss solution by following a very low calorie (VLC) diet. It provides you with a monthly supply of 148 protein supplements, including:

  • A smoothie variety box (includes Chocolate, Vanilla, Blueberry Delight etc.)
  • A soup variety box (includes Chicken and Vegetable, Thai Tomato, Farmhouse Cheddar and Broccoli etc.)
  • All natural and gluten-free pasta variety box (includes Tex-Mex, Lemon & Herb, Tomato & Parmesan etc.)
  • Chocolate crisp bars
  • BBQ zipper snacks

You also get the same additional benefits as the ones in the Quick Start 7 – Day Plan.

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