This is me, Lindy, the one who does all the writing for this blog. I have a husband, two kids, a full time job, and I have no idea how to make money.

But a few years ago my family was in a position where we needed to make more. We had $11,000 in credit card debt, a brand new baby hiking up daycare bills, and a shrinking income due to the recession.

Then one afternoon, after making a depressingly small payment to my credit card, I had an epiphany. I realized our credit card balance was going NOWHERE, and if we wanted that to change, we had to do something.

Minting Nickels Ephiphany

(Reenactment of said epiphany moment)

So we started a blog, sold some stuff, made some side income, and with a little good fortune, we paid off our credit card debt. Now we’re tackling our student loans, car loans, and home equity loans, otherwise known as our Other Debts. (<—-you should go meet our debts, they’re barrels of fun).

We here at Minting Nickels believe making extra income is an important key to getting where we want to be. So we’re experimenting with all the ways working parents (like us) can do that with our limited time. Sometimes it kills us, and sometimes we get burnt out, but it is possible. See our Transactions page for all the ways we’ve made money, and our Tutorials page for extra tips if you want to do the same.

When it comes to frugality, we have our own methods. We’re not big fans of clipping coupons or washing plastic bags, but we’re all over doing Starbucks on the cheap and saving money with DIY. We believe in finding ways to save that don’t involve pain, because life is too short for pain, is it not?

We are SO glad you’re here!

Our goal is to make finance 100% fun. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Though we are no longer updating this site, there is plenty for you to read and be inspired by. Here are some articles to get you started.

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PS: In case you’re wondering, the title of this blog was inspired by the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the notion that we shouldn’t think “I can’t afford it,” but instead, “how can I afford it?” This blog documents our efforts to afford the life that we want – preferably that life includes hazelnut gelato.

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