An Easy Way for Stay at Home Moms to Make Some Extra Money

by Kyle Taylor on October 28, 2013

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UserTEsting.comStay at home moms fill a vital service for their families.  They may help the family save money by handling all of the childcare, house cleaning, and cooking for their families.  They may explore ways to save money such as using coupons and handling the budget and finances.

Still, in these difficult economic times, these actions may not be enough to keep the family financially afloat.  We are now a society that relies on two incomes to make it.  To survive on just one income requires discipline, perseverance, and dedication.

If she has the time, perhaps when the kids are napping or in bed for the night, a stay at home mom can find some jobs to do from home to bring in a little extra cash.

One great way to bring in a little extra cash is

What Is is a company that employs individuals to review websites for clients.  The clients want honest feedback on their websites so they can improve them.

Any person who surfs the web on a regular basis knows that some websites are much easier than others to navigate.

If you’re employed by, your job is to give your honest feedback about websites.  You do this by wearing a headset and saying your thoughts about the website out loud.  Your comments are recorded as well as your screen movements.

Who Can Qualify for

Anyone can apply.  How often you’re given websites to review depends on what demographic the company is looking for.  If you fit the target demographic, you can review the website.

How Long Does a Review Take?

website review takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete, which a stay at home mom can easily do when the kids are sleeping.

How Much Can You Make?

In return for your work, you earn $10 per each site that you review.  If you review 5 sites without any issues, you’ll earn $15 per review.

While the money is good, don’t plan on this as a regular gig.  Even though reviewing assignments are given every day, if you don’t meet the desired demographic, you won’t have work to do.  Therefore, assignments can be sporadic, so this is just a nice, extra job to do on the side.

What Is Required for This Job Technically?

You’ll need to have a microphone and a fairly new computer.  (You can get the detailed requirements on the Frequently Asked Questions page.)  In addition, you’ll need to download’s screen recorder onto your computer so they can monitor your keystrokes.

A stay at home mom’s time is precious, but if family money is tight, one way to make a little extra without sacrificing time with the family is to work for  This job can be easily completed in 15 minutes, without interrupting time with your children.

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