Appliances that are Still Worth Fixing

by Justin on January 19, 2017

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We live in a disposable society, where when an item stops fulfilling its role in our lives, we throw it out. The price of replacing an item is often not too much higher than repurposing or repairing it, driving us to become comfortable with constantly buying new things. The role of a repairman has started to slowly become endangered, and manufacturers are avoiding producing extra parts for their machines and appliances, driving the price of repair even higher.

Though some items are no longer worth the hassle of even attempted repair, there are still some products for which hiring a repair person is still worth it.

  1. Furnace

The furnace is an important part of the home, especially in areas where the temperatures dip for the winter. A broken furnace is not just an inconvenience, it’s a hazard, as low temperatures at home can endanger the health and lives of the residents, especially the elderly and the young.  Not only is it expensive to replace, the installation fee can be even 300% that of the value of the appliance itself. Therefore, it makes sense that if you are going to be paying for man hours either way, it’s at least worth trying to save the cost of the unit itself. There are many services around with promises of servicing and repairs within 24 hours, which means that you will experience minimal interruption to your lifestyle as the problem is resolved.

  1. Washing Machine

A washing machine and dryer set is worth thousands of dollars, so having the problem diagnosed is always worth getting a repair person in. Because of all the external connections like electricity, water, and more, there are many more things that could go wrong, sometimes not even solely related to the machine itself. If your washing machine does not properly supple hot or cold water, fails to drain properly, or just doesn’t work at all, call in a technician and he could save you several hundred dollars in just an hour.

  1. Boiler

There are different types of boilers, with some just responsible for heating water, while others heat the entire house with steam or residual heat. Like a furnace, the boiler is what helps make the home a comfortable and livable place, therefore being without a functioning one is a big issue. Though many people even try troubleshooting and fixing the appliance themselves, if you can’t quite figure it out, it could be time to call a repair person. After initial inspection, he should be able to tell you what the problem is and the costs associated with it.

  1. Computers

With computer technology bounding forward at such a quick rate, it almost feels like we are waiting for something to go wrong so that we can justify the purchase of a new desktop or laptop. However, many times the “slowness” we experience or crashing that we dread is not actually from a real hardware problem, but rather from poor maintenance on our part. This is something that an IT specialist can usually fix without too much trouble. If you are afraid of the bill that you might get following a consultation and tune up, find a place that offers free evaluations and then find a freelance or student IT specialist who is willing to do the fixing for a lower price. With all the electronic waste we have been littering the globe today, it’s worth making the effort to prolong the life of our machines, even if the low replacement cost is tempting.

It’s time to start a revolution, one that minimizes waste and values items enough to repair them. And though it doesn’t make fiscal sense for everything at this time, there are still some major appliance which at least warrant a proper inspection before replacement.

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