Building Your Home Office

by Justin on July 21, 2017

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More people than at anytime in history are now working entirely from home. Medical transcriptionists can complete all their transcribing in the comfort of their own home. Teaching languages online positions are now being offered frequently to teachers. Salespeople can make all of their calls from anywhere in their house. Medical hotlines are huge right now where people can talk to a medical professional quickly, and the nurses and doctors that answer these calls are hanging out at home. Many employers are allowing their employees to work a couple days at home during the week as well. Technology has changed the world we live in!

Anyone that has worked at home for any length of time knows that an office is needed. You can’t be hanging out in the living room trying to get your work done because the amount of interruptions will slowly drive you crazy. Kids and spouses cannot help but bother you while you are working. There has to be a bit of space separating you from the rest of the family.

Hopefully, your house has a room that is not currently being used. Turning an unused room into a home office can be easier than you think. And it can be quite exciting as well! Being able to set up your office in your home is a game changer. Once the door is closed, the children disappear. They realize that you are not to be disturbed.

When beginning the process of creating the perfect office tailored to your needs, you need to start with the basics. A good-sized desk with a few drawers can be found easily by doing a quick search on Craigslist. You don’t need brand new items in your home office unless you really want to pimp it out. Perhaps since you will be in there quite a bit, you might want to make it look as professional as possible. Do a quick search for technical furniture for offices including IT laboratories, technical workstations, and more. In any case, do some bargain shopping whether new or used and save some money on a desk.

Of course every home office has to have a computer and printer in it. That should be easy enough to supply since you probably already have one. Even a small television or a radio off in the corner would allow for some background noise just in case the family is being loud in the house.

Next on the list should be an office chair that you can roll around in. Always get a chair with wheels on it! You will be spending a lot of time in this chair, so make sure it is comfortable.

An old couch along one of the walls could be beneficial for you to have in your home office. It enables you to take a quick power nap without having to leave the room. And a small fridge somewhere close to your desk will cut down on the number of times you have to get up and go to the kitchen for a drink or snack.

Just the little things would be left after this. Choose a paint color for the walls if you would like to change that up. Include some pictures and artwork so your home office has a bit of life to it. It should be a fun experience preparing to work from home. And it provides you with a sanctuary to get your work completed without having to yell for everyone to quiet down every few minutes. Your family will thank you in the long run!

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