Just Call Me Kate Hudson

by Lindy on August 25, 2011

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You may or may not know that I’m married to a musician.

Most people assume the wife of a musician lives a glamorous existence filled with sparkles and glitter, and freebies and backstage passes.

I’m here to tell you that is totally true.

Allow me to tell the tale of this past weekend to illustrate.

A-Rob was hired for a gig out of town, which meant he got a free hotel room, which meant a free vacation for us. We deposited our mini ninjas (aka kids) with the grandparents for the night to turn it into a true getaway.

At 4:00 pm on a Saturday, after four hours of driving, we arrived in the thriving metropolis small, but quaint, mountain town of Pinetop, AZ.

First, we checked in at our free accommodations.

Super 8

Then we drove up the road to A-Rob’s gig.  Since it was a private party, I didn’t get to stay, so instead I took the car and hit the town for a hot night out.

I figured I’d take my cues from the locals, and go where they go on a Saturday night.

So I went to Walmart.

While there, I found a cute-ish cotton dress that happened to look pretty good over the cropped jeans I was already wearing.  The dress-over-jeans look was in style in, what, 1998? But the dress was only $13, Penny Chic would be proud.

For dinner, I decided to employ an opposite theory, and went where all the locals were not, which was the only Thai restaurant in town.

(note to self: cute flashing strings of lights aren't adequately captured in photographs)

My theory worked, because the food was really good! And since I was the only one there, I didn’t have to deal with those why-is-that-girl-sporting-the-dress-with-jeans-look-dining-alone-on-a-Saturday-night stares.

My next stop was to be a coffee shop that had wi-fi, but according to the waitress at the restaurant, there weren’t any in town.

Fortunately, where they lacked in coffee shops, they made up for in dollar stores, so I did that next.

Then I went back to my Super 8 motel and took a picture of my dress.

(note to self: remember to smile in hotel mirror self portraits)

And then I watched HGTV.

At 10:00 I got back in the car and picked up A-Rob.

His night was equally exciting, thanks to a lady on the dance floor doing aggressive twirls while wearing a dress and no underwear.

After the gig, we made plans to meet up with A-Rob’s band mates at….the casino.

But the iPhone couldn’t find any casinos in town, so we called it a night.

Okay, so maybe my musician’s wife getaway wasn’t as glamorous as those of Kate Hudson, with all the musician husbands she’s had and what not.

But I wouldn’t change a thing.


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  • I loved this post. Loved it! I am so envious of your rock star life. :)

    Actually your night sounds very similar to the type of night out I would typically have, especially the trip to Walmart and the HGTV viewing!

    • Lindy

      Well, it sounds like you’re living the dream just the same! We don’t have cable anymore, so any time I can watch HGTV, I get really excited.

  • Haha sounds like fun!

  • What a great post! And for what it’s worth, the dress over the jeans, while circa 1998, doesn’t look all that horrendous!

    • Lindy

      Thanks, I didn’t think so either.

  • This post is hilarious and very well written. Sounds like you had a very lovely getaway. And I like the dress!

  • Hahaha. What a great story! And so true, too. I know a lot of musicians, and even the successful ones SO do not live any kind of rock star lifestyle. A friend of mine is married to the lead singer of a fairly prominent band, and apparently he’ll have girls like, approaching them in Walmart, first to fawn all over him, and then to ask, “Why are you shopping at Walmart? Aren’t you like, rich or something?” Ha!

    Also, I fully believe that the dress over jeans look will never go out of style.

    • Lindy

      That’s why it’s good my husband is not a famous musician. I couldn’t handle the girls fawning all over him part so much.

  • OMG you’re pregnant!!
    Oh, that was in reference to calling you Kate Hudson, it has nothing to do with the dress over the jeans which was quite “in” until just maybe a couple of years ago or five. Really, not that long ago…personally I still think it’s a great look!

    • Lindy

      Haha. NO!!! (though, if I was pregnant, I must admit that would have been a clever title for a post!)

      Based on all these comments, I’m thinking the dress over jeans needs to come back in!

  • Haha I’ve lived places like this…and you made it sound a lot better than it actually is!

    • Lindy

      It was an adventure, for sure. I love the quirkiness of small towns.

  • Bright lights, big city. I’ve heard Pinetop is a happening place! At least you got out of the heat for a minute.

    • Lindy

      You should go sometime. Actually, it’s really beautiful country up there. And yes, tons cooler!

  • :) It’s just fun to read your posts. But things can easily change, just wait when your husband writes a hit song.

  • Sounds like a great “vacation”, and a break from the kids?! Bonus!! Love the woman on the dance floor…. Wow… Some women have class in spades!! ;) lol!

  • Sounds like the rockstar life is a good life :)

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