Can You Make a Living Playing Poker Online?

by Kyle Taylor on August 28, 2013

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Perhaps you went to Vegas with friends and you had a taste of winning it big at the poker table.  Maybe you were looking for something to do one night and you found an online poker site and made some money.  Flush with your financial victories, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make a living playing poker online.

The answer, as you likely already know, is that it is, but it’s not always easy.

Where to Play

If you’re interested in increasing your poker playing time, you must first decide where to play.  Sure there are plenty of sites available online, but use poker reviews to make sure that they are reputable sites.  William Hill poker download may be one option among several that you’ll find.  Once you find the best companies, you can give playing a whirl.

If you want to play poker for a living, take it slow.  Don’t rush out and quit your day job.  Instead, improve your technique and play on nights and weekends.  As your skill improves, you may find that your profits do, too.  Still, take your time before making the leap.  Playing poker online for a living is a risky career.

Save Up Your Money

When you win it big, and you will, put that money aside.  As tempting as it may be to spend it, putting it in savings is a prudent thing to do.  Just as you’ll have big wins, you’ll also have big losses.  You’ll need money to get you through when you lose money.  Try to keep your income steady.  That is, live off the same amount of money each month regardless of your wins or losses.

Be Able to Walk Away

What distinguishes the true poker pros from the rest is that they are able to walk away from the game if need be.  Unfortunately, some people get addicted to the game, which will not do your professional career any good.  You must be able to check your emotions when you start playing.

Playing poker online for a living sounds like a dream job, and in many ways it is.  However, just like other jobs, there are parts of this job that are less than desirable.  A wildly fluctuating income is one of the biggest drawbacks.  Until you really ramp up your skills, working this job on a part-time basis may be best.

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  • I wish I could make a living playing poker online! Haha, if only I were any good…

  • Mike GetRichWithMe

    I know someone who lost £50k in two weeks, and couldn’t pay his staffs wages over the christmas holidays. Hes an idiot, and so are 99% of people who think that they can make money playing poker.
    Its ok playing face to face – you have a chance. But would you want to be playing against a computer program which is designed to win

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