Coffee Withdrawal is a Mental Condition and Weekend Reading for June 7, 2013

by Melissa Batai on June 7, 2013

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Coffee Withdrawal
Are you a coffee addict?  Can’t get your day going without a cup of joe?  If so, you may know how hard it can be to kick the caffeine habit, especially if you’re a heavy user.

Now, the 5th edition of the DSM classifies caffeine withdrawal as a mental condition, according to ABC News.  Scientists have even done MRIs on coffee drinkers to show how their brains are affected after drinking a cup.   That’ll give you something to think about tomorrow morning, won’t it?

Good Reads

The Happy Homeowner shares lessons she learned while digging out of $14k in credit card debt in less than a year.

If you’re a seasoned freelancer, you’ve likely dealt with burnout at some point in your career.  Planting Money Seeds is experiencing that now, which is causing her to ask, Are You Investing In the Life You Want?  Even if you’re not experiencing burnout, asking yourself this periodically is necessary.

Investor Junkie gives a long list of all the ways to make investment income as well as the risks and benefits.

Looking to make money from your blog?  You’ll be inspired by (and maybe a bit envious of) Dollars and Roses’ monthly income report.

For those new to investing, Money Crashers offers a primer on the 7 mutual fund performance measures and what they mean.


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  • Thanks for including our income report from Dollars and Roses in your roundup. :)

  • I am glad that I am not addicted to coffee. I don’t even like it most of the time. It has to be the right blend for me.

  • When I stopped drinking coffee, it was a week of migraine or headache, The withdrawal was awful. But I’m glad I can go by my day without drinking coffee now. Just water in the morning. Tanks for the links.

  • I’ll stick with my juice! Good thing i’m not a coffee drinker. I usually try and stay away from drinks with caffeine in them; they’re so bad for you! Great post!

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