Company Registration Process for Starting a New Business

by Donny on June 14, 2013

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Business Registration
The internet is a huge market and great business potentials. You just have to set up an online company to reap its rich benefits. Nowadays online companies can be formed within very less time. Company registration is the prime task before starting a business anywhere.

Although the process of business registration may seem daunting to many people, there are lots registrations providers who specialize in the company registration process and may assist consumers in establishing new corporations in a short time.

Taking the assistance of a right person who understands the registration process very well can give your company a good start. These people will also help avoid complexities with taxation and conformity related concerns.

Most of these agents have good experience in business, accounting or law. Their suggestions are reasonable before hiring any. But it is wise to verify their credentials accreditations with the proper agency.

Company registration includes various aspects. Although the actual requirements may very from place to place and country to country while some important aspects remains the same.

Determine Your Company Structure

Before registering any business, you have to plan ached the structure of your proposed company.  You have to decide if you would like to operate singally or with a partner. A partnership involves an association of individuals or entities that conduct business together, but are not considered a company.

A trust is a lesser-known option that refers to an entity that holds income or property for the benefit of others. Last but not least, it is the term company that denotes a legal entity that is separate from its shareholders.

Most of the countries have organizations that are specifically designated to provide support to new or small businesses. They can assist you by giving valuable advice and contact information. These organizations will help you ensure you are taking care of all the important registration details.

Register Your Company Name

Registering your new company involves several steps. You need to come up with a suitable name first of all and the register with appropriate authorities.

You may sometimes need special approval to include certain words in your company name, and you can only choose a name that has not been already registered by another company.

Register Your Company Trademark

After name registration you can proceed with your company trademark.  Trademark is the identifying sign that distinguishes the products and services your company offers from those provided by your competitors.

It is wise to register a trademark for your company, rather than just a company name. The reason is that a trademark offers you more rights and legal options if someone else tries to use your company name.  You will retain exclusive rights to your company trademark.

Register Your Domain Name

It is the most crucial part; after you have done designing and creating your website take the help of a professional to register a domain name.  Although anyone can register a domain name commercial entities can obtain a domain name that ends in “.com” or “.net.” You will have to pay a yearly registration fee that will give you rights to that particular address or domain name.

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