Crushing on Some Goals

by Lindy on April 3, 2012

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Three months ago, I set some goals. Here’s how they turned out.

First of all, let me say that quarterly goals are where it’s at. Three months is a short a enough time frame to keep me motivated, yet long enough that I can take a weekend off from being an achiever if I want to.


TO MAKE (goals about making money)

Quarter 1 Goal: Start one new money-making project

The good news is I started one. The bad news is, I also ended it. Even though I was quite excited about this project, my subconscious had another opinion. I developed a terrible popping jaw from my teeth grinding at night, my stomach was in knots, and I felt exhausted all the time. In short, I was stressed out.

So I pulled the plug, and with a bit of a red face because I had already asked a few other bloggers to be involved in this project with me.

But in the end I learned a valuable lesson about being honest about my limitations, and thinking things through before diving in. I also learned to admit to myself that I’m okay with less stress in my life. I may not achieve as much, but at least I won’t drive myself and everyone in my family crazy. I could probably write buckets more on this topic, but we’ll leave it here for now.

I did, however, start formulating a plan for another potential project; and I purchased a domain name, so I’m counting this goal as achieved.

Quarter 1 Goal: Finish Reading the SEO Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

*Honk-shhhh* Yep, I did it. Though, I’ll admit I skimmed the last five chapters. If you know absolutely nothing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is a good guide. But I felt about 1/3 of it didn’t really apply to what I needed as a non-techie blogger.

SEO-themed post coming soon with my learnings. I know you all can’t wait.

Quarter 1 Goal: Finish my Minting Nickels ad sheet and send it to advertisers.

Done! This one squeaked in right at the last minute. It took a while for me to figure out what sorts of ads I wanted to offer, but thanks to all of your suggestions, I’ve come to a conclusion. You can see the final results here.

I’m also making more of a point to actually, uhm, respond to advertisers, instead of ignoring them.


TO SAVE (goals about saving money)

Quarter 1 Goal: Cut our restaurant eating in half.

Yes-ish. But it’s a positive “ish.”

In January we stuck to a cash budget to make sure we were only spending our decided amount. In February I wrote down our dining expenses in a note on my iPhone. For March, we didn’t track actual dollars, but instead stuck to our plan of only dining out as a family once per week.

We’ll continue along the once-per-week plan until we become millionaires and hire Rick Bayless to be our personal chef.


TO MISC. (goals about misc.)

Quarter 1 Goal: Paint the bedroom.


Painted Bedroom Stripes

I even hung a real curtain (made of drop cloths) to replace the makeshift thumb-tacked sheet. If you dare, you can see my before pictures of this wall, our former eBay staging area, here.

I used my favorite bit-by-bit method to complete this task. Touching up the ceiling one weekend, painting the yellow wall the next weekend, then painting the stripes and trim the next. Not having a lot of time to complete this project, breaking it up helped a lot.

Now that our room is finally painted, I no longer want to leave it. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Quarter 1 Goal: Finish hauling our huge pile of stuff to Goodwill.

Fait accompli, using the bit-by-bit method again. I could have scheduled for St. Vincent De Paul or Goodwill to pick up my huge pile, but there was a chance my kids would have seen their old toys out on the drive and staged a mutiny.

Sneaking small boxes into the back of my car once a week was much less confrontational. Five loads later, and it was gone, and now our garage is clean enough for me to twirl around and do a pirouette, if I wanted to.

Goodwill donations in bite-sized doses

So that’s how my quarter 1 goals were smashed to bits. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what’s in store for quarter 2 (hint: more making, saving, and smashing).

How are your 2012 goals coming along? Have you tried the bit-by-bit method to get large projects done?

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  • Congrats on meeting your goals! I love the color of the wall that you painted. I have wanted to read up on SEO for awhile now, but it seems like a boring topic so I hesitate to buy an SEO book.

    • Lindy

      Don’t buy an SEO book, just come back for my SEO post. :)

  • Congrats! Your ad sheet looks great. And I loved that striped wall.

    • Lindy

      Thank you!

  • Love the striped wall! So pretty :) And congrats on reaching your goals!

  • I think I need to try the bit-by-bit strategy with some of my goals. It’s tempting to avoid the bigger projects when you know how much work is involved. Really though, there’s probably a lot of little things that I could do each day to gradually work towards those goals.

    Also, it’s great that you were able to walk away from that new money making project. Sometimes we can bite off more than we can chew and try to take on projects that we just cannot fit into our schedules. It is much better that you shot it down now rather than after months of work.

    • Lindy

      Breaking huge tasks up into bite-sized pieces is the ONLY way I can get them accomplished these days. I definitely recommend it.

      And thanks for the reassurance about the project. I felt the same way. Better to admit it now than months down the road.

  • Eating out once a week is an admirable goal! Good job. Sometimes tracking the dollars gets ridiculous and you’re in a restaurant choosing the $8 thing verses the $11 thing, simply to save money, and you’ve missed the whole point about eating out!

    • Lindy

      I never thought of it that way, but that is such a true statement. I know I’ve been guilty of going for the $8 entree to satisfy my inner cheapskate.

  • LOVE the bedroom!!!! And I really cannot wait for that SEO post. I need some education!

  • You did good Lindy!
    Looking forward to your SEO post..I need all the help I can get on this!

    • Lindy

      Luckily, I’ve found some great resources. I’m no expert, but I’m at least getting closer. I look forward to sharing!

  • I love the drop cloth curtains and the striped wall! I’m doing color blocking for one wall of the baby’s room, so I feel your pain in the painting arena. Great job on all the goals!

    • Lindy

      Well you’re one up on me, because you’re painting before the kids come. ;) Painting with kids makes it about fifty times harder.

  • Congratulations on your goals! The wall looks excellent – I never actually thought about painting stripes before but yours looks really good!

    • Lindy

      They are a lot of work, but pack a big visual punch.

  • Great work on the goals lindy – the new paint looks pretty sweet!

  • Hey, you gotta fail in order to learn! And good job on all the other goals.

    Congrats on your nice new ad page. If it’s all too much trouble, I can definitely recommend Crystal (Budgeting in the fun stuff)’s advertising services.

  • Love the paint and curtains!

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