Custom-Made Mirrors For Home or Business

by Justin on August 28, 2017

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We have all been there as children when we accidentally break a mirror and our parents yell at us that they have had that mirror in the family for the last two hundred years. That mirror was passed down from generation to generation, and now their future grandkids will never see that mirror because of us. Our parents may have thought that to be true, or maybe they were just trying to lay a heavy guilt trip on us. In any case, no matter the shape of the mirror, width and length, it can be replaced.

Custom-made mirrors are becoming easier to find. There are businesses that do this for the public at a good price. They can make a custom-made mirror just for you by using original frames and mouldings. Almost anything can be used as a frame as well. There are so many possibilities of different materials that can be used for a frame. You are only limited by your own imagination. Bring the frame to the custom-made mirror business, and they will be able to set you up with a one of a kind mirror. Let’s look at when having custom-made mirrors makes everything simpler.

Custom-Made Bathroom Mirrors

When building a house or doing a bathroom remodel, having one huge mirror over the sink instead of a medicine cabinet could come in handy. There can even be simple shapes cut out of the mirror to allow for outlet covers or towel racks. Quite a few of the newer bathrooms have dual sinks as well, so one nice long mirror covering the whole length is a good option. Remember that these mirrors can practically be cut into any size and shape, and the cost of it is not going to break the bank.

Home Gym

Have you ever walked into a home gym and was jealous of the amount of commercial equipment they had in there? But then you notice that they have one or two tiny mirrors strategically placed in the room, and that jealousy fades away. How can you plan a perfect home gym without having a mirrored- wall? That’s like buying a new car with a horrible paint job.


Entryways, just like mirrors, come in various shapes and sizes. There always has to be a sizable mirror in the entryway. People like to come in from the outside while visiting and make sure they look presentable. However, if your entryway is a unique size, you have to get a mirror that is just right. Maybe you have something in your basement or your garage that could be used as an “antique” frame for the mirror also. The entryway is the first part of the house that people see, so having something special there could make a strong first impression.


No matter the business, you have to act and look professional to be able to have quality customers. The business has to be nicely decorated, including custom mirrors on the walls. With custom-made things, it presents a sense of professionalism that is not achieved with things just bought from one of the big box stores. The great part is that custom-made mirrors do not cost any more than the ones that are already pre-cut with a flimsy border around it.

Why Not?

The main decision when getting things custom-made is the price of it. If there is an increase in price, then people will try to rationalize into buying something less expensive, even if it does not look quite as good. However, custom-made mirrors do not cost anything extra. The thickness of the mirror can be adjusted as well. The width and the length can be cut in different sizes, making it a perfect fit anywhere. Something that is custom-made without costing more should be a good fit in anyone’s budget.

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