Day Trading For Normal People

by Justin on September 7, 2017

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Lots of conventional narratives about day traders convey the sense that these guys (always guys) are in a windowless basement room with six monitors, able to calculate odds in their head like the guy from A Beautiful Mind. Always thinking about trading and working on trades and pursuing money with a single-minded relentlessness.

But if you go through a free chat room one day you will find a whole spectrum of people in the day trading game. They are doing it to make money while their kids are at school, doing it to bring in some extra income to pay for the addition on the house and doing it to sustain a whole family of 4. The possibilities are endless.

That happens because ordinary people can learn the strategies and techniques for profitable day trading. It really only takes a lot of dedication and discipline. You do not need to be a math genius or a socially awkward computer coder. You just need to take the lessons to heart and go into every trade with a plan. When you spend some time in a free chat room, learning the lingo and working with veteran traders, you begin to understand that making a living from day trading is possible.

Screen time is the next step. You need hours and hours of screen time to get good at day trading. That six monitor thing is actually true. It helps to have a lot of monitor real estate and be able to process visual information quickly. But you can learn to do that. And you can learn to do that in a paper trading environment that allows you to trade without risking real money.

When you work in a simulated trading room that mimics the real market and actual online brokerages, you can trade virtual currency that allows you watch your process and keep an eye on your profit/loss ratio. The profit/loss ration in day trading is everything. If you are making sure that your winning trades are paying off much higher than your losing trades are losing, you are in good shape.

Practicing in a trading simulator is very important to that task. You can spend a month on a trading simulator, learning the ins and outs of momentum day trading strategies that will help you become a more profitable trader. Actually making the trades and learning how to read charts, execute orders and keep records of your winning trades and losing trades is a essential to getting better as a trader.

As discussed above, day trading is all about screen time. Screen time and volatility. You need to be comfortable with volatility if you are a day trader. Violent machinations in the market mean changes to make money for day traders. The key is being emotionally stable and being able to capitalize on volatile market moves with a steady hand. Trading is much like poker. You need to stay calm and know exactly which hand to play and how hard to play it.

It all starts with spending time in free chat room, to learning the ins and outs of day trading. That is where you can begin your journey to ultimate profitability.

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