DIY Friday: Make Your Own Baby Gate

by Lindy on March 2, 2012

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Welcome to the March 2012 edition of DIY Friday, where finance nerds share ways to save using good old fashioned elbow grease. Want to be involved in next month’s DIY link-up? Find out how here

Ever have one of these?

Baby Rock

That would be a pudgy baby who thinks the indoor tree is more fun than his singing, ringing plastic toys.

In order to avoid a horticultural disaster (and baby noshing on potting soil by the handful), we needed a suitable barrier around the indoor house plant.

The easiest solution was to build our own out of corrugated plastic.

So one day I popped into the sign shop down the street and asked if I could buy some. They were kind enough to give me some scrap pieces for freeeee.

Corrugated Plastic DIY Baby Barrier

This project was as easy as folding the plastic into thirds and sliding it into place. It happened to be sturdy enough standing on its own and didn’t need any further securing.

To make it a little prettier than a giant white plastic square, I skillfully decorated it with fuchsia electrical tape and a roll of window screen material.

Baby Shield

Granted, I won’t be winning any design awards with this baby shield, but it served its purpose for six months.

The cost of this project was about $8.

At the time we had another store-bought baby gate to keep the little one out of our catastrophe of an office. But I was thinking the corrugated plastic, with a few 3M Command Cord Bundlers to secure it into place, could make a good baby gate substitute at just about any location, doors included.

Pinterest wasn’t in existence when I assembled our baby shield, but if it had been, I could have been inspired by these other DIY gates from around the Internets.

DIY Baby Gates

  1. Fabric baby gate from Merriment Design
  2. PVC baby gate from Instructables
  3. Alphabet baby barrier from Rebel Heart
  4. Fabric/PVC baby or dog gate from Sew Many Ways

And for the hard core DIYer…

Ambitious DIY Baby Gate

1×2 wood & caster gate by Blue Ant Studio (yes, it’s DIY).

Now it’s your turn. Any creative baby (or dog) proofing going down in your place?


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We’ll see you next month!

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  • I wish I would have known abot these ideas when my daughter was younger :)

  • Oooooooo! I love this topic, and I should totally have something to contribute, what with my canine population and all.

    Somehow… I dont. Weird.

    Our pet gate came from Ikea. It is cheaper, and surprisingly sturdier, than any others I’ve found. Now, I’m eying a couple of those ‘How-To’s’ and reminding myself that my ‘To-Do’ list is already quite length.

  • I like your gate! It’s wayyyy better than any of my attempts! That fabric one would scare me over the stairs, even though the ABC one is super cute!

    Thanks so much for the linking!

  • We have a baby gate to keep the dogs out of our kids room. There’s always something for them to get into! Ours was expensive and not so attractive…This has inspired me to make a new one (or at least put it on my projects list!).

  • Thanks for the ideas! My third-born son is now almost 4 months old, and we’re now living in a house with stairs! Will definitely be adding this to my project list!

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