DIY Friday: Easy Drop Cloth Curtains

by Lindy on July 1, 2011

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Welcome to the first official DIY Friday Link-up! On the first Friday of every month we’ll be here posting our tricks for home upgrades on the cheap. Sounds too fun to miss don’t it? If you have a blog and want to play along, then add the link to your DIY post in the comments below.

When I first heard that people on the internets were using painter’s drop cloths as curtains, I knew I had to get in on that action.

Pre-hemmed, inexpensive, I can buy them at the hardware store, and they look good – count me in!

Drop Cloth Curtains

For my windows, I bought drop cloths sized 6′ x 9′. They were $12 each.

Uncoated drop cloths are best, and you’ll need to wash and dry them a few times to get the stiffness worked out. By nature, they’re pretty wrinkly.  I’ve heard that if you dry them with a ton of dryer sheets the wrinkles go away.

I needed to trim a foot of fabric off the top of mine to get them the right hanging height. Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I used my favorite Steam-a-Seam iron-on hemming tape to finish off the top edge of fabric. The rest of the fabric was pre-hemmed, so after my ironing, I was done.

Using ring clips, I secured the curtain to the rod.

Drop Cloth Curtains

My curtain rod was a bit of a home hack in itself. I wanted a wood one, but didn’t want to spend the money. So I found some metal curtain brackets on Amazon for $3 each. Then I bought a regular 4′ dowel at the hardware store to fit my brackets, slapped a coat of stain on, and voila, instant curtain rod.

However, if I could go back I would’ve gone with a thicker-diameter dowel.  The weight of the drop cloths makes my 5/8″ dowels bow a little. 1″ diameter would have probably been better.

All in all, for the drop cloths, the DIY curtain rods and the clips, I spent a total of $26 per window.

I love the texture the fabric brings to the room when the light filters through.  They have a surprisingly organic look and feel.

I’d originally purchased plain white curtain panels for these windows, but I loved the drop cloths so much more I returned the other ones.

Drop Cloth Curtains

So that’s my frugal home hack DIY for the month.  How about you?  What have you been up to around your abode?

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  • Very neat! Our blog post today mentions vertical blinds…

  • What a great idea! I never thought of using drop cloths!

  • Lindy

    Hey guys, Ashley from Money Talks was an early bird and emailed me her DIY link yesterday. Check out her $35 total room makeover, complete with a cool wall design she free-handed herself. Thanks Ashley!

  • Looks like we’ve been doing the same thing!

    • Lindy

      Nice! I loved the fabric you used. And you win, because you did actual sewing.

  • I never would have thought of painter’s drop cloths! What a super idea!

    We recently worked on the yard on the cheap and this is what we accomplished:

    My hubby rebuilt a retaining wall; cost: sweat and lots of swear words. We bought landscape fabric to cut down on the weeds; cost: $3 on sale!! We planted hostas stolen from friends; cost: a case of beer (which we helped drink — bonus!). Mulch was expensive…cost: $100. Our whole project only cost about $120, and the backyard looks a billion times better!!!

    • Lindy

      Home improvement projects are much better with beer.

  • I am supremely unqualified to comment on this aspect of home decor, so I consulted with Mrs. 101, who offers the following:
    – Home Depot has white painted metal curtain rods, which should be able to bear the weight.
    – Might need more curtain clips, it will help the fabric to drape better.
    – Nice hack on the drop cloths. Painter’s cloths are also used for shabby chic slipcovers on furniture. If you want them whiter, they can be bleached. We have a similar hack with machine-embroidered bed coverlets in the family room and kitchen.
    – What did you do about finials?

    • Lindy

      -If I had about 2 more feet of width, that would help with the draping too. But I hadn’t thought of more clips, I just might need to try that.
      -I have seen drop cloths used as slip covers, now that you mention it. Bleaching is a good idea. I’ve also seen people dye them different colors.
      -It’s funny you ask about finials. I ended up not using any, because I liked the sleek modern look of just the rod. But I did have a plan to buy some jewel cabinet knobs from Anthropologie to use as finials.

  • oh I was supposed to link to it in the comments. I misunderstood. I’ll do it right next time. :) Thanks for including me.

    The curtains look great. I hate buying curtain rods… they want how much for stick to hang my curtains on?? the wood dowel is a great idea. you could paint it the wall the color, or white or black too. If you don’t have stain.

    • Lindy

      Rules, shmules. They’re made to be broken :)

  • This is backyard makeover. I don’t have a final cost analysis, but I know we saved money by doing most the stuff ourselves. We did everything but paint the house.

    • Lindy

      I love backyard makeovers. I have been putting off doing anything to ours. So much work.

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