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by Kyle Taylor on December 16, 2013

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In finance, investors have many different options to trade stock or assets. Different platforms exist where an investor can compare investments and make a choice on whether to buy or sell. Thanks to the internet and online application market, new ways to see the market in real-time can help investors make quick decisions regarding their investments. One of the newest forms of investing that has come to fruition are called binary options. Binary options have the potential to give investors a big payout, but only if they are careful.

What Are Binary Options?

To put it simply, a binary option is a specific market purchase where the investor will call if the market on a stock, commodity, etc, will go up or down at an exact, expired time. If the financial figure goes up or down at that time, then the investor gets their money. If not, then the investor loses their money. Many investors call binary options “all-or-nothing options” since the investor is trying to bet on the market behaving a certain way by a certain date to get a reward or lose their money.


Say there is a commodity an investor is watching patiently. The investor may know all the variables involved and makes a bold prediction that the commodity will go up in value the next day by noon. The investor will call their broker or make a direct call on that commodity by stating they want a binary option of $500 on that commodity if its value goes up the next day by noon. The next day at noon arrives and the commodity goes up in value by just a $1. That does not matter; because the value of the commodity went up by any numerical value, the investor will get a return through their binary option. However, say the commodity went down by a $1 at noon the next day. The investor just lost their investment. Although this is a crude, simplistic example, this is what a binary option is like. This is why investors think of them as “all-or-nothing”.

How the Internet Is Helping to Expand Binary Options

Before the advent of real-time market analysis from internet vendors, many investors did not feel comfortable making binary options. However, websites like Anyoption, are making it easier for investors to analyze markets around the world and to make the bold predictions with binary options. These websites are catered exclusively to binary option dealings. Because of that, the quantitative data that is presented by these websites help investors make binary option decisions on assets, commodities, stocks, and other financial items.

Find Quality Sites and Always be Cautious

If an investor wants to begin a binary option trade, they should try to compare different website platforms and their apps to see which one works best for them. In addition, with anything regarding the financial market, it is important to be cautious and to make wise financial decisions. Binary options have the chance of giving an investor a lucrative return or a devastating loss. Using the right binary option website can greatly help an investor make the right investment decisions.


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  • True, one should always do their research before choosing a broker. There are many sites which list the pros and cons and give reviews of brokers.

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