Facing Your Fear of Investing

by Kyle Taylor on December 8, 2013

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There are those who love investing and are comfortable doing it seemingly from day one.  They watch the news and read the papers looking at how particular stocks are performing.  They read and watch trends and make their investment moves confidently.

And then there are the rest of us.  You know, those who are afraid of taking risks with our money.  Those of us who don’t know much about the stock market and find it too overwhelming and intimidating to learn.  Those of us who put our money in a savings account when we know investing it would make it grow faster.

If you’re one of the latter group of people, there are ways to learn how to invest in shares.

1.  Take a class online.  Sure, you could enroll in a college class, but that’s not necessary.  Instead, there are many online brokers that offer classes for beginning investors.  These courses are often free of charge and can be quite comprehensive.

2.  Practice through an online broker.  Some brokers have a virtual investing world.  They give you a certain amount of virtual money, and you can try your hand at investing it.  You can also chat with other investors to learn tips and strategies.  Before you invest any of your own money, you can get plenty of practice in the virtual world.

3.  Read, read, read.  Check out some book about investment strategies.  Read biographies about great investors like Warren Buffett.  Learn what these type of investors do and what their general investing philosophies are.

4.  Find a mentor.  If no one in your family invests, you may need to look outside family to find an investor.  Choose someone who is comfortable investing and has been successful doing so.  You can learn quite a bit from a good mentor.

If you are intimidated by investing, try one or more of these strategies to learn more and increase your confidence about investing.  Also, give yourself time to learn.  Investing confidence grows slowly, but in the end, you’ll be glad you learned how to invest, especially when you retire.

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