Festival of Frugality #296: September, Meh Edition

by Lindy on September 6, 2011

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With the arrival of September, many have taken to Twitter to proclaim things like, “the beginning of fall,” and “cooler weather – finally!” and blah, blah, blah…

But where I come from, it’s still hot, hot, hot. Around here, September doesn’t symbolize the beginning of fall. It doesn’t symbolize anything, really. It’s just one long formless month of suck before the holidays arrive.

So I decided that September needs some redefinition. Luckily, I have these finance articles to help me out.

September: The Month for Being Cranky

Let’s face it, when the holidays come around you’ll have to wear lots of smiles for all those parties and pictures. You may as well use September to get all your crankies out.

However, it’s hard to be cranky after reading these articles. These are the editor’s picks.

  • Melissa at Mom’s Plans presents several outside of the box tips in 10 Ways to Buy Organic Food on a Budget. I often dismiss organic foods as being way out of my budget range. Melissa makes a good case for the contrary.

September: The Month to Finally Buy Those Gold Pants

After the onslaught of the holidays, you’ll have no interest in spending money whatsoever. September may be your last chance to get in those final splurges.

  • Fashion guru of the personal finance world, Annabelle from Shopping Detox, tells us How to be frugal and fashion-forward. My favorite tip: wear different things with different things. Simple. Genius. She probably has a tip about not buying gold pants too.
  • For those of us conscious of avoiding lifestyle inflation, splurges can result in frugal confusion. Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff searches for a solution in her article, A Splurge May Turn into Lifestyle Inflation.
  • Maybe you can even get a deal on those gold pants if you “like” the shop’s Facebook page. Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff shares an article about doing just that in Facebook As A Shopping Tool.

September: The Month To GSD

Or, “Get Stuff Done,” In the words of Kramer from Seinfeld. October, November and December are going to be busy months, full of baking cookies and racing around shopping malls.

Take September to get other stuff done, like dealing with those pesky banks, budgets, and credit cards.

  • I’m sure all of us have a merchant credit card we need to shut down. Meghan from Credit Donkey gives us the lowdown on the smart way to do so in How to Cancel a Credit Card.
  • Jon the Saver from Free Money Wisdom presents Keep Your Sanity, Use Cash, making the case that spending cash is more psychologically painful than using a debit card.

September: The Month for Eating Soup

Because everyone knows eating soup saves money, which is exactly what you want to do before the spend-fest of Christmas begins. The articles below offer several other great ways to save.

September: The Month for Eating Pancakes

Because eating pancakes is a random act, and everyone needs a good dose of randomness. The articles below represent a various array of finance topics to help us enjoy an aimless September.

  • Jo Robinson from Totally Money offers a solution for your overabundance of garden fruit, in The Good Life: Making Jam. It’s surprisingly easy!

Thanks for the great submissions everyone! I’d love to hear how you define September.

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