Frugal + Enemy = Frenemy?

by Lindy on October 22, 2010

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A few weekends ago, I was tooling around the internet and came across this post on Money Crush in which Jackie poses the question: what it is it that you allow yourself to splurge on?

I crafted my comment, hit submit, and immediately realized,

I lied.

I’m sorry for lying.  But if it makes things better, I did it subconsciously.

I said I splurged on things for the house.  The truth is, I like to say I buy things for the house, because if I was one who shopped a lot, that’s what I would buy.

But it turns out I am really good at denying myself in this area. Most of the major household purchases I’ve made in the last few years are those that A-Rob convinced me to buy.  For some strange reason it’s really easy to turn off my need for decór in the name of saving money.

But ask me to stop buying Starbucks, and I may just shoot you.

This got me to thinking, why am I so schizophrenic in matters of money?  I’ll stomp my feet over frugality and rebel against discipline, yet effortlessly cut myself off from buying things that I love.  I’ll pout when others advise me stop eating out, yet happily make my own laundry detergent.

One could argue I just need to find what works for me.  Maybe I’m just that odd that all the conventional frugality tips don’t work for me – eating out (love), drinking Starbucks (double love), coupons (hate), boardgames (hate twice).

Maybe this is true.  But I think it runs a little deeper.

In my exploration of this subject, I’ve thought of two possible causes for this financial schizophrenia.  But I think they both deserve their own limelight.  Come back Monday, and I’ll throw the first one at you.

In the meantime though, you should read this article from The Kitchen Sink for further discussion on the subject of frugality.  It’s good stuff.

And then you should read this article from Nicole and Maggie, because it’s awesome.

Do you share in my schizophrenic ways too?

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