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by Lindy on April 13, 2012

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You may have noticed I’ve been a little quieter around here lately.

I wish I could say it’s because I won the lottery. But boo hoo, I didn’t. Possibly because I never bought a ticket.

Instead, I’ve been practicing the art of extreme laziness. It’s something I haven’t allowed myself to do in a really long time.

You see, this whole thing about making money on the side while working full time, taking care of two rowdy kiddos and blogging about all of it – it’s a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. There were many nights I had to dig down deep to find the smallest scrap of motivation to wrap a book I’d sold, or do some blog maintenance, or post something to Craigslist.

And somewhere in mid-February, I sputtered out completely.

So I let myself step back from all self-inflicted obligations, and I took a break.

It’s been quite fabulous, really. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until I allowed myself to not be an achiever for a few weeks.

Here’s what life has looked like for me while I’ve been not blogging and not trying to make money.

I’ve been the Queen Bee of Finishing House Projects.

I’ve made three, count them, three drop cloth curtains for my house. And this weekend I’ll be making two more, plus making my own curtain rods using this handy tutorial I found.

If you think this sounds like the antithesis of laziness, it’s not. Making drop cloth curtains is about the easiest project one could do. And doing it while watching girl movies from my iPad, now that’s just plain therapeutic.

I almost set my kitchen on fire.

That’s what happens when I try to get creative with food. I was heating up some vegetable oil so I could fry tortillas when the pan burst into flames.

I put the pan on the ground and beat it with a kitchen towel. Luckily I had enough sense to not use one of my good microfiber ones. No crisis can separate me from those things.

I’ve been listening to church.

I haven’t found a church I like in Phoenix, so I recently started listening to podcasts from Imago Dei church in Portland. I just finished their five-part series on vocation. I recommend it highly.

I’m in the market for a new car.

Which means I’m spending every spare second on car websites looking at models, researching invoice prices, following every link on Twitter about car buying, test driving cars, dodging phone calls from car salesmen, and in general trying really hard to get something I want at the price I want it – which may or may not happen.

Car buying sort of blows.

Know what else blows? This.

Easter candy

Staring at me every night.

Step away from the Easter candy, Lindy. Step away.

Speaking of eating reading, I’ve been reading a book.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller.

This book is about living your life as if it’s an epic tale – as a struggling protagonist who triumphs in the face of adversity.

It’s made me think about the story my life is telling right now.

Paying off debt is not a bad thing. Saving money is not a bad thing. Making money on the side is not a bad thing.

But sometimes I let these things overshadow the other good things in my life, the ones that make my life rich. Things like friendship, charity, and motherhood, and going out of my way to do things for others.

I still want to make more money, pay off debt, and build wealth. But I want to make room for these other things too.

How I do that?

By thinking bigger, for one. By listening to that quiet voice inside, nudging me in certain directions. By seeking to use my skills for the benefit of the common good. By being more generous.

So if I’m quieter around here, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. It just means I’m out working on my epic tale, so I can come back and tell you all about it.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, this protagonist is going to face the adversity of the Easter candy again.

She’ll possibly fail.

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  • I did the same thing re: vegetable oil and tortilla strips when I was in high school and I have not ONCE put two inches of oil in a pot again, not once in a dozen years. Good luck with the Easter candy but remember, it only comes around once a year so when it’s gone it’s gone! Enjoy the peanut butter eggs.

  • Love this post Lindy!! I am so glad you are doing things for you! Sometimes being a mom, wife, and taking care of the household can get overwhelming.

    Good luck with the car buying :)

  • Glad to hear that you are enjoying taking a step back from things. Some people get overwhelmed from just a full time job or from a full time job combined with being a parent. So to add in blogging and other money making activities, that’s very ambitious. You do need to take time to enjoy yourself and deal with other priorities in your life, especially all that Easter candy lol.

    I really like that concept of the book you mentioned. I think I need to take that kind of approach with my life and think of it more as a long term journey with a happy ending that I am working towards.

  • Must…. not…. eat…… candy…. *break*

    As much as I love more frequent posting, I’m glad you took the time off. By the sounds of it, you needed it.

  • Oh, candy. So wonderful yet evil, all rolled into one.

    I’m going to have to build my own curtain rod. I found curtains on sale for $6 a pair, but now I need a rod. This sounds like the perfect solution!

  • I completely understand where you are coming from. It’s already hard enough to work full time then go home to kids that requires your full undivided attention. Then to find time to do other things is almost near impossible.

  • Oooohhhh vegetable oil is the worst for that I’ve heard. I’m glad you got it out quickly and safely…and that no microfiber towels had to perish!!!

    We all need balance in our lives. Sometimes that means focusing on different things. Can’t wait to hear your saga!


    I feel ya, Lindy! It’s sooo hard to give up your life to a 9-to-5…..raise children….live… projects (painting furniture, in my case)… hubby…….and have time to love yourself, etc. I often stay up till 1 am or later getting blogging done, because there is no time otherwise! I often wonder what affect this will have on my health as I get older. 34 and full of zest…. But am I wearing myself out unbeknownst to me? What price will I have to pay to “fit it all in”? Only time will tell. I’m the meantime, giving me my paint brush and a cup of hot tea– it’s 11 pm, and I’ve got furniture to paint ;-)


    Grrrr… correct typos!!! Sorry! My grammar is MUCH better than my last post would lead you to believe. Lol

  • Mmm that candy looks so good! Anyway, good luck on car buying. I’m thinking of getting into it also at some point soon also.

  • Man, peanut butter chocolate eggs… I’m starting to salivate.

  • I love listening to sermons on podcast, too. But nothing can replace being part of a local church with your brothers and sisters! Keep looking!

  • Erica

    I just found your website! It looks like you have lots of great ideas, can’t wait to check them all out. On another note…I love, love, love my church. It is Spirit of Joy in Gilbert and they are awesome. I hope you find a church that suits you soon.

  • Lovely!
    1- we are fanatical about using paint drops. Curtains, bed skirts, shams and slipcovers are just a few. They take dye great too.
    2- I’m having a difficult time making space for everything. Maybe it’ because it’s spring but I’m spending more time outside and connecting with friends right now.
    3- good luck on finding a church. I’ve lived her for 9 years and didn’t find one. I love the Unitarian/Universalist but the head dude is very dry and boring and it’s the only one in our community.

  • Good for you! It can be hard to take a step back, but sometimes that is just what we need most. When you come back, you feel more refreshed and inspired, and your productivity increases too.

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