How to Encourage your Kids to Apply for Scholarships

by Justin on April 14, 2015

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Being the parent of a child who is about to become a student can be exciting. Most parents would remember their times as students and may have a nostalgic feeling when their children are going to college. This is the first true step that your child is taking towards the adult life, so it can be a good time to motivate him or her. One of the best ways to do this is by lightly encouraging them (no nagging or pressuring). To help lower the costs of college expenses, don’t be afraid to motivate your kids to apply for scholarships.

The child can be encouraged and assisted to developing a good strategy and a solid game plan for finding the right scholarships. You’ll have to provide a budget, but the responsibility for spending this budget will be his or hers. You can help the child to handle the expenses. The following expenses will have to be managed: clothing, trips, toiletries and extra-curricular activities.

Some children may show little interest, but they will soon start to become focused if you help them understand how important this step is for them. The same type of positive behavior, encouragement and bribing that you may have used for obtaining good grades can work in this situation as well. There is no point in forcing anything, because it could have the opposite effect. Set realistic goals for the time spent looking for reliable scholarships.

You must be aware that your offspring will not have all the time in the world for this. There could be other activities involved as well, such as doing homework, a job, school-related activities, or volunteer work. The first step should be just looking for scholarships and this task should be completely separated from the application for a scholarship.

Let your kid look for scholarships during the weekends and then apply for a scholarship next month if they are still in high school. Another possibility is to let the child check with a counselor to see if there are any awards that are worth looking into. Your son or daughter will have complete freedom in this way and you will avoid the stress that’s usually involved in rushing things.

During the application phase, the child must be prepared and this is where you will provide the most help. You don’t have to do the work for the child, but you can gather documentation and fill in the personal data that is normally required for a scholarship. Arrange the scholarships in the list according to deadlines and other important information. You can start with the closest deadline.

Reviewing the application and proofreading it can be really helpful too. Let your children make any necessary corrections. Don’t rewrite the application yourself. All you have to do is highlight any mistakes. Alternatively, there are no essay scholarships that your child can apply for if writing isn’t a strong suit.

Your children have more chances to be a winner if more scholarships are considered for applying. However, make sure he/she doesn’t become discouraged, as it can happen when they haven’t won any. If months are passing and there is no success, it’s a good idea to provide different types of rewards for the work, in order to keep your child motivated.

You can use money as reward and set up a rewards system that increases the amount earned with every scholarship that the child is applying for. Now that you know how to encourage your kids to apply for scholarships, make sure you are doing your best. By the time the child is a senior, finding scholarships should be like a piece of cake.

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