Learn why skateboarding is still growing in popularity

by Justin on June 28, 2017

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Even though many people will claim that skateboarding is a way of life, the board can still serve as a perfect recreational tool. Either way, you will need to have a good skateboard on your disposal to enjoy cruising down the street. Luckily for you, the process in which you can build and customize your own skateboard design has never been easier, and you can quickly personalize the board to suit your individual needs and preferences.

However, the roots of skate boarding’s popularity go well beyond mere aesthetics, and several highly important reasons are also contributing to the overall attractiveness of this sport. Once you learn about the secret of skateboarding, you will probably feel the need to try out this activity as soon as possible and to experience all of those benefits personally.

1. Burn calories and build muscle

According to several studies, skateboarding is an excellent cardio routine, and it can elevate the heart rate and induce fat-burning processes within our bodies. On average, skateboarding will require around 340 calories per hour, and this is a significant amount. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and save some money on fuel at the same time – go buy a board.

Aside from being a good cardiovascular exercise, skateboarding is also good for inducing muscle growth. In other words, various muscle groups need to work together to propel you up or down the street. Of course, leg muscles will take the biggest workload, which means that your quads, hamstrings, or glutes will be fit and nicely toned.

2. Practicality and simplicity

Since you only need a skateboard to start performing this activity, it is obvious why skateboarding is regarded as one of the simplest recreational activities you could practice. Straightforward and practical, this sport will allow you to explore the city in a convenient way, without worrying about traffic and reckless drivers. Minimal equipment means minimum expense, which also helps with the money-saving process. However, it should be noted that you should never be stingy when it comes to the quality of the board you want to buy, and safety equipment, such as a helmet or knee pads, is strongly recommended as well.

3. Convenient transportation

As we already said, skateboarding can provide you with an excellent opportunity to go from point A to point B in a hassle-free way. You only need to pay attention to pedestrians or bicycle drivers, but they can be easily avoided and the skateboard will easily transport you wherever you want to go. By cruising around, you will get the chance to explore unknown locations and go through new streets, which is often impossible by a car. Urban environment can be an exciting place, and skateboard can help in covering a lot of ground. Plus, you could even avoid public transport and commute to work on a skateboard, which also leaves a few dollars in your pocket in the long run.


Basically, skateboard consists of just a couple of parts, including a deck, wheels, bearings, and the grip tape. However, all of these components can come together to form a board which will provide you with endless entertainment and enjoyment. Each new ride can be a new and unique experience, and that is why the popularity of skateboarding continues to grow. People from all age groups are propelling themselves by one foot while placing the other on their skateboards, and they are also reaping the benefits of riding their boards. In general, skateboarding is a convenient, efficient, money-saving activity that can boost your overall health and help you meet new people and grow as a person.

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