Links and Being a Drunken Sailor

by Lindy on July 10, 2011

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This week I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing something new.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t WWE SmackDown caliber sort of new.

It was vertigo.

Vertigo Poster

The real thing, not just the movie, though the movie is pretty sweet.

Having vertigo is liken to being drunk 24/7.  Or it’s sort of like living on a boat.  One on waters just mild enough you don’t notice it until you try to walk, do something that requires skill (like brusing your teeth), or read anything on the internet.

You should try it sometime.  No, you shouldn’t try it.  Vertigo sucks.

I’ve also learned it’s really easy to spend money with this condition.

Sure, there are the co-pays to urgent care, my family doctor, and two pharmacies, but there’s also:

The delivery of I’m-too-dizzy-to-cook-pizza.

The post-urgent-care gelato run.

The this-sucks-that-I-have-vertigo-and-can’t-go-to-work pancakes from the corner cafe.

The the-doctor-gave-me-a-cure-let’s-celebrate-with-Starbucks chai.

Luckily, I stopped there, but it could have easily turned into the I-have-vertigo-I-need-to-feel-happy new hardwood floors.

My doctor concluded that my inflamed nostrils (sorry for the mental image) were a sign of a sinus infection, hence leading to an inner ear imbalance that turns me into a drunken sailor. With antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory steroid, I should be sobering up any day now.

Until then, here are some links I’ve been saving for a rainy day such as this.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Apartment Therapy.  I’ve enjoyed Thing 4, and Thing 5, detailing Maxwell’s career journey.  Always a fun topic on its own, but these have great insights too.

This article by Johnny B. Truant was bounced around Twitter like a ping pong ball when it came out.  That’s because it’s a doozy.  Give it a read if you haven’t already: Fear, the Maze, and Freedom.

Squawkfox made her own Starbucks frappuccino for 32¢.  That’s my kind of DIY.

Have a great week everyone!

And, in case you’re wondering, I blame the haboob.

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  • Paula

    So weird, I had vertigo two weeks ago, diagnosed as a sinus infection. A little more severe, the room was spinning as I was stationary. Still have the dizzies a tad even after 2 weeks of antibiotics. Yeah, the side-effect of the antibiotics is dizziness.

    • Lindy

      It is weird, isn’t it? I’m on day three of antibiotics and am finally feeling the dizzies start to subside. I hope yours go away soon!

  • I have to tell you I read this earlier in the day, but I still have ‘what do you do with a drunken sailor?’ stuck in my head. Thanks;)

    • Lindy

      Haha. That is a sticky one.

  • Been there. I’ve woken up so dizzy that the room was spinning before I even opened my eyes. My first thought was that I was going to fall out of bed.

  • oh, how awful…sure glad you’re on the mend! I’d rather be in pain than be nauseous or dizzy. (okay, first preference would be to not have any of the three)

    • Lindy

      I agree, none of the above is the best affliction to have.

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