Nordic interior design: how to make your flat attractive

by Justin on April 22, 2017

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Entering Nordic-style house, you will stay stunned and frozen. It seems that cold winds coming from North penetrate body and mind. The Nordic floors have never known the touch of rugged carpets; however, the visible inhospitality is only an illusion. Cozy sofas are likely to invite to have some rest on cold-colored pillows.

One may think the whole interior is waiting for the Snowy Queen, irresistible and unassailable. But the ‘austere face’ of such minimalistic design decisions hides gentle soul.

A perfect combination of coldness and spiritual warmth

No wonder, people who appreciate the serious lifestyle usually tend to choose the strict course of interior design. One of them having gained a lot of popularity nowadays is known under the name of Nordic design. Perhaps, you have seen it many times, yet, once encountering the severe beauty, you stay fascinated again and again.

It suits the purposes of businessmen helping not to lost hunter mindset.

Moreover, the mentioned interior decisions do their best for those who are fond of family values. Indeed, there is everything intended for the closest relatives as no strange or aggressive people are allowed to invade the space of such houses.

Secrets of some details

Certainly, there is a great deal of things worth being savored. White walls give the sense of transparency; black details serve as reminders of classic origin, while sliding doors balance on the border between dynamics and static.

Cool freedom of such rooms inspires to get volubility in conversations. No wonder, humans who are keen on the strict interior lines love discretion and sustainability emphasized with the sliding doors whatever they are made of.

By the way, you have a great space for the fantasy while considering the general look of the doors in the frame of Nordic design. Particularly, they could include glass, metal, wood, serve as the mirror or stay a kind of protection.

Just do not forget that doors became an important part of the apartment’s furniture. Definitely, you make the first steps in the flat judging the state of the doors. It means they should be treated with a certain degree of attention. It is not surprising that those who are aware of deep meaning of such a custom made installation of interior sliding doors.

The story of success

Attention of Scandinavian nations towards this design harkens back to the end of XIX century. The common idea to align the furniture along the walls was considered as the sign of bad taste. Instead, women put plush furniture on the floor.

With acceptance to old traditions Norwegians drew dragon-patterns for furniture from Vikings. Fantastic monsters with hooked arms peeped out of the kitchen or bedroom doors — they gave overwhelming feeling of being a part of legend whether one took a look at cupboard.

Years later, people still spent their spare time under the roofs because of climate features. That’s why they were completely obsessed with the perfect guise of houses. Light classic colors framed guests in essence of purity; old, unfinished furniture resembled Celtic hills. It was the place to listen to ancient Scandinavian legend about the ‘evil jewels’ which ordinary people could not wear because these stones were intended only for men of spirit…

Since 1917, Nordic design has been involved into the slogan: ‘More beautiful items for everyday life’. All the designers have come to the conclusion that form should go hand in hand to the function. One of the most prominent Finnish architects Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto claimed that art is a continual process of wood, copper, and glass modification so as to reveal their features.

However, it is done not for self-sufficient form but for satisfaction of human needs. Then, a certain regularity of lines and monochromatic colors of the sliding doors will not disturb you from the grand actions.

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