Once Upon a Time…I Used a Discount Dry Cleaners

by Lindy on October 29, 2010

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Psst: This story has a riveting prequel.  If you haven’t read it yet, click here.

Once upon a time I used a discount dry cleaners.  And they didn’t ruin my clothes!

But, they also didn’t clean them.  Booo.

The first piece of evidence was this tag they left on one of my shirts…

Further inspection showed they did not, in fact clean the shirt.

The second clue was the pair of pants I’d thrown on in a hurry trying to get out the door on time.  As I was driving EeBee to school, I noticed a spot on my lap.  Then another spot, and another.  These weren’t residue spots from cleaning formulas, these were spots from no cleaning at all.

Side Note: I’m not really a slob.  I just have kids who climb all over me with sticky fingers.  At least, that’s my excuse.

A few more “cleaned” items still bearing crusty food stuffs supported the above conclusion.

So at this point, I was left with a dilemma.  Do I go back to the cleaners, show them the pieces, ask for my money back and hope for civility?  Or do I cut my losses, whine on my blog, and never go back?

I chose option #2.  Because I don’t like fighting.  And I’m also a wimp shy.

So now, dear friends, I’m back to square one.  And being back at square one has left me pondering this whole shirt ironing saga (does it qualify as a saga?).

I calculated that if I do the hard ironing time, then we would save $42 a month, or $504 per year.  Hmmm.  Worth the cost to avoid having one more thing to keep on top of (which also means one more thing to fall behind in)?

He has enough shirts that I could get away with ironing only every other week.  Maybe I’ll give it a go for a few months and see how things fare.  And you bet your tuckus I’ll be tacking that $42 onto my automatic monthly credit card payment for each month of my labor, just so I know it’s all worth it.

Would you have fought to get your $15 back from dead-beat dry cleaner?

And, when you wash button-downs are you supposed to take those little plastic collar-holders out, or can you leave them in?  I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

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  • I would have tried to get the money back but not have spent time on it. Then reported them to BBB.

    I don’t know about those plastic collar things — I take them out :P

    As for the $42/month thing, I’d iron for that money. I also don’t hate it as much as you do, so keep that in mind. Which reminds me, I have to start ironing this week

  • Lisa

    I don’t iron. Ever. Well oly for my son when he needs it. My husband irons his own clothes. Buy the wrinkle free ones and take them out of the dryer immediately. Makes ironing easier, or so I’m told.

    I leave the plastic thingys in the shirt and collect them out of the lint trap in the dryer.

    I’m such a domestic goddess :)

    • Lindy

      Ha ha. That’s my kind of domestic goddess!

  • If I get upset (in your case I definitely would) I’d go back and have a talk with them. The talk would be not about money but about customer service. You paid your money, did you get them worth? But on the other side… You might let it go and never go back there again.

  • Domenic

    They’re called collar stays, and you might want to remove them because the heat in the dryer might warp them. Put them back in before ironing. For extra spiffiness, iron the collars so they stand up like button-downs.

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