Our Biggest Haul Ever

by Lindy on February 23, 2011

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Hello friends.

The last time we chatted about eBay, I may have mentioned our plan to list three items to auction per week.  Well, one weekend we got a little giddy, and instead of listing three items, we listed nine.

It was an all out eBay blitz, and our biggest single haul ever.

Here’s what we unloaded. The prices shown are the net amounts after Paypal’s and eBay’s (steep) fees.

Lovetone Pedal BoardThis item may not look like much.  That’s because it isn’t.  It’s a piece of bent metal that is meant to hold Lovetone brand music pedals.  But they don’t make this any more, and there are a lot of hardcore geeks who do cartwheels over anything Lovetone.  Because of this fact, we pulled in $139.

Broken iPodThis is a 5th generation iPod.  A broken one, actually.  Sold for parts, it went for $31.

These are some Art Deco drawer pulls that I scored for free when my mom inherited some 1930’s furniture from a friend of hers.  I had been hoping to do something cool with them, but the opportunity never arose.  Instead, one lucky bidder will get to put them to good use to the tune of $91.

More magazines.  This time I sold a lot of 2006 Guitar Techniques for $58, and a combined lot of 2008-2009 for $116.

Bass StationA bass station.

Drum StationAnd his friend, the drum station.  Each sold separately.  One went for $244, and the other for $268. (They have something to do with music. And Radiohead. That’s all I know.)

I have no idea what this is, or what it does, but someone paid $356 for it.

The next item I sold was originally given to me as a gift, so for the sake of propriety I ain’t telling what it was.  But we got $43 for it.  And in case you’re wondering, no it wasn’t from you.

Last but not least, we can’t forget our favorite keyboard, the one we had to re-list because the original buyer changed his mind.  Thankfully, it sold again, for more money this time!  And even though the new buyer didn’t pay or respond to our emails for two whole weeks and we thought he skipped out too, he eventually came through, and we got to take home $177.


Total Haul: $1523

Double yay.

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  • Double yay indeed!! Well done :)

  • Holy crap! Nice Ebay Blitz.

  • Red

    Daaaang! Great work! I’m especially impressed with your iPod sell. You got $31 for a broken iPod? My husband is giving me his iPod Touch since he recently bought an iPhone (yay for more music storage!), and I’ve been going back and forth about what to do with my iPod Nano. It’s in decent shape, and it definitely works. But it’s engraved on the back. (Though I thought it was sweet at the time, now I want to kick my parents in the tush!) But, heck, if you can get $31 for a broken iPod, surely I can get a little out of a functioning iPod with an engraving on the back!

    This entire post also makes me certain that Mr. Red is sitting on a gold mine of junk (uh, I mean, really awesome stuff…) in his closet because he keeps everything, and he’s got keyboards, amps, computer junk, etc. I’m gonna keep an eye out!

  • Wow..lots of music stuff. Good score. I have furniture that had those handles on them. How cool. They don’t make those anywhere anymore so I’m not surprised you got $91 for them.

  • WOW! I’m totally impressed.

  • You did AWESOME!!!

    Colour me so impressed.

  • Holy wow! Found your blog through Niki’s post yesterday and think I’m going to learn a thing or two about selling stuff. I have years and years worth of accumulated stuff and feel really stupid now that I gave a lot of it away! Live and learn I guess.

  • Amazing! I haven’t bothered with ebay for years because I’d only be able to make either a few pence or pounds for anything I’d be selling. However, this just goes to show that you can make a killing with the right type of items! Well done x

  • That is fantastic! What a great way to spend a weekend. Congratulations!!

    I don’t know if I would have ever even have thought to sell some of the things you listed. Very impressed!

  • Lindy

    Thanks everyone! It definitely was fun watching the bids come in for the whole week. Every time A-Rob and I talked we’d huddle up on the latest bidding news. But, it also was quite tiring conducting an eBay blitz, so it’s taken a few weeks of down time before we’ve been ready to gear up and host another one. Plus, we’re all out of boxes.

    I’ll be working up a few eBay tutorials in the near future, so stay tuned.

  • Thats whats up! Wish I could sell something worth $1500+ *sigh* Good job Lindy, you really are doing this!

  • That’s ridiculous, $31 for a broken old iPod? I have a working (very well, like new condition) color video one (3rd generation maybe?) and I would sell it if I could get over $100 for it. Think it’s possible?

  • Wow! You did really great! I wish I could make that much but mine mostly is new and preowned clothes and some antiques.

  • Ryan Williams

    Hi, new reader here. I use half.com a lot too. I’ve only read a few posts so far so disregard this suggestion if you’ve already did it. I would say maybe explain to your readers (or freeders, what I call myself and other financial blog readers) about half vs. Ebay and all the other auction style sitesout there. Some may just feel they have too many options and are afraid to use the wrong website, so they end up doing nothing or underpricing items at a yard sale. Do you ever use amazon? I don’t but its mostly because of my familiarity with ebay and half. I may be missing out von something, for all I know. I know this would kind of get you off topic, but like I said, just a suggestion. Keep posting. I’m going to keep reading your back log, or back blog. Keep posting on other blogs too. I found this blog on pennyhoarder.com

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