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What do you plan to leave for your kids?

by Justin May 26, 2016

When preparing your will as a parent, it’s important that you stipulate and specify what you want each of your children to get and when. It’s true that making these decisions can be a difficult task. But don’t worry, by engaging the services of a friendly and experienced solicitor, you can streamline the process and […]

How to Mitigate the Risk Posed by Shoplifters

by Justin May 20, 2016

According to the latest statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONE), shoplifting accounted for £511 million retail inventory loss by the end of 2015 in the UK. 90% of such thefts were never reported, and only three percent proceeded to full trial and conviction. Shoplifting in the UK has been on the rise each […]

With an influx of migrants, is the UK housing market set for another bubble?

by Justin May 18, 2016

Any influx of migrants is bound to have a significant impact on the economy of the host nation and this is certainly true of the housing market.  In this context one might wonder what the current heavy influx of migrants into the UK augurs for the domestic housing industry. Well the fact of the matter […]

How to Keep Your Laser Printer Happy

by Justin May 12, 2016

If you don’t have a decent care and cleaning schedule for your printer, chances are that sooner or later it’ll fail on you. The other likelihood is that this will happen right when you really don’t need it – when you’re printing out boarding passes, your thesis, or some important hand-outs for that presentation. So, […]

Should I Tip Beyond Restaurant Servers?

by Justin May 1, 2016

Recently my husband and I had some home renovation work done and we wondered if we should tip the contractor for his great work at the end of the job.  I wasn’t really sure what we should because we were already paying him for the work, so we decide not to tip him.  I believed […]

Surprising Factors That Affect Commodity Prices

by Justin April 28, 2016

After the forex market the commodities market is the second largest in the world and it offers plenty of great investment opportunities for individuals and businesses. There are two main categories of commodities: hard and soft. Hard commodities are mainly natural resources like gold, oil and more whereas soft ones are livestock and agricultural products. […]