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Choosing the Best Account to Suit Your Trading Style

by Justin July 18, 2016

No two traders truly trade alike. Sadly, as much as we’d like one at times when it gets tricky, there’s no definitive guide to trading and there’s no ‘one catch suits all’ solution. That’s why, while some people trade one way, others will invariably trade against them. We all have different trading styles and different […]

15 Best Forex Bloggers You Need to Follow

by Justin July 12, 2016

Forex trading is now widespread. Therefore there are a plethora of blogs all devoted to the subject. But not usually provide reliable and up to date information that can help any trader out there. In this brief article, we have listed few best bloggers that provide frequently updated information on the topic of forex trading. […]

Why The XTrade Affiliate Program Is A Good Option

by Justin July 2, 2016

One of the best affiliate programs for online traders today is the XTrade affiliates program. This is a good affiliate program because it is contemporary and goes well for the traders who are successful at what they do – online trading. We call it Contemporary because more so than ever everyone is trying to make […]

Importance of Underground Mining Safety

by Justin June 22, 2016

The underground mining environment is not ideal in terms of safety as there is lack of light, air and certainty. It is difficult to anticipate what circumstance might arise and therefore, it is essential to stay prepared for all situation. One of the most important task on site is to maintain miner safety. In fact, […]

Merchant Cash Advance Financing vs. Small Business Loans

by Justin June 21, 2016

Business financing tools can’t be compared based on cost alone, so here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of merchant cash advances and small business loans. What you learn about the advantages each of these financing tools offer might make one a better option for your business’s financial needs. What is a Merchant […]

Dating on the Cheap

by Justin June 17, 2016

Being a married man I can attest to just how expensive it is to support a family on one income. That being said, I think we often forget how expensive single life could be as well. When courting, and going out on multiple first dates, the man is often expected to foot the bill each […]