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How to Save Money on a 1st Date

by Justin March 31, 2015

When going out on your first date, you want to impress her with a fancy dining establishment. After appetizers, the main course, wine, and dessert, you’re looking at spending $150 or more. To help save money, make your date personal and impressionable with a few of the below date ideas. Use Discounts When You Can [...]

Tips to Help You Save for Retirement

by Justin March 20, 2015

If you have worked hard all of your life, you deserve to have a peaceful and relaxing retirement. Of course, this will often depend on the preparations a person has made prior to their retirement. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who do not start planning for their retirement until it is only a few [...]

Questions to Ask if You Are Experiencing Cashflow Problems

by Justin March 14, 2015

Your company is only as successful as the direction of your cashflow; it’s the indicator of your organisation’s financial health. The skill of managing your cashflow effectively protects the financial reputation of your company and the security of your future in the business community. If you are experiencing cashflow problems, use the checklist below to [...]

Quick Ways to Make Extra Money

by Justin March 8, 2015

Have you found yourself in desperate need of cash? I think we have all been in that position one time or another. Depending on your specific situation there are actually a number a different ways you can come up with cash in a pinch. If you’re a health individual, then giving blood or plasma is [...]

Don’t Waste a Windfall

by Justin March 2, 2015

The recession provided a salutary lesson for everyone.  It had been extremely tempting to borrow money and lenders were all too happy to approve applications or enroll new clients for their credit cards. The financial environment changed suddenly and unexpectedly. The result was misery for many and few were completely immune from any sort of [...]

Shop Savvy: How to Make your Budget Go the Extra Mile

by Justin February 23, 2015

Shopping for things you need is one thing, but getting the things you want can be a bank breaker. Magazines, tailored ads from cookies, and social media make us want the finer things in life. From designer fashions, the latest home appliances, luxury travel–it’s hard enough to pay the bills, let alone let loose and [...]