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Creative Ways to Get Quick Cash Now

by Justin September 4, 2014

Emergencies occur when you least expect them and when your budget is not ready for them. Cash isn’t always available for life’s mishaps. For some families, saving is not an option due to low paying jobs and cost of living increases.  Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity rather than taking out a quick cash [...]

How would a UK EU exit impact the UK banking sector?

by Justin August 27, 2014

  There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not the UK will imminently leave the EU. Since the election of the coalition government, there have been some hints that an EU exit is possible and much talk of the desire the secure a “better deal” for Britain from the EU. Read on [...]

The true extent of the UK’s debt addiction

by Justin August 26, 2014

AUTHOR BIO Giles Read is a financial commentator, freelance writer and journalist who produces advice articles and editorials for some of the UK’s most authoritative websites.    Recent caps on the cost of a payday loan, proposed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and due to come into force in January 2015, have been warmly [...]

Rental deposit rise prompts an increase in payday loans

by Justin August 26, 2014

AUTHOR BIO   Claire Jones is a widely published blogger and freelance journalist specialising in all things finance and consumer affairs. She has been published on some of the UK’s most authoritative websites and in the mainstream press. The problems facing the average UK consumer in today’s economy have been widely publicised. Consumers face a [...]

Why Dental Treatment Abroad is Safe!

by Justin August 11, 2014

It seems that more and more people are taking the option of dental and medical treatment abroad more seriously. Many of these people seeking cosmetic dentistry do so as the cost of such procedures in the UK are becoming prohibitive. Surgery for people is also an option; only this week we read of a gentleman [...]

How to make an honest buck online

by Justin August 4, 2014

The internet has become a part of our everyday life in the last few decades, and an increasingly important one, too. We keep in touch online, read the news online, watch our favorite TV shows online, store our family photos online, and some of us even live our social lives on the internet. We do [...]