Ah, Parenthood (and links)

by Lindy on February 19, 2012

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It was a Saturday night.

Our bellies were stuffed full with homemade pizza and the kids were settling in to watch a movie, Cars 2. EeBee was tucked under a blanket from his claim on the couch, and Baby Rock was down on the floor playing with his toy cars, the ones from the movie Cars. We call them “Cars cars” around here.

I sat down to watch too, but the screen wasn’t keeping my attention. Because my head was exploding.

There were ideas swirling around in that head of mine, and I needed to get them down on paper, desperately. If I don’t write ideas down, they may as well not exist. I need to catch them while they’re coming on and coming strong before I lose them forever.

But the schedule over the past week hadn’t let me do so. Every spare minute had been accounted for.

Except, so I thought, for now.

While the kids were content and distracted, I realized this was my chance. I slithered out of my seat and into the office to grab a pencil and my notebook. Then I tippy-toed back to my seat, relatively unnoticed, and cracked open my book to start writing.

But the literal instant I put pencil to paper, as if a pencil can make such an audible sound, Baby Rock became aware of what I was doing. With his childhood sixth sense that instinctively knows when mom is about to do something for herself, he swooped in, on cue, to interrupt.

He handed over two cars and instructed me to draw them in my notebook.

Then he brought me some markers and told me to color.

Cars Drawings

Now, I will forever have documentation of the time I tried to brainstorm while the kids were still awake. Silly me.

Now on to some links I enjoyed these past weeks:

And a big thank you to Money Q&A, One Cent at a Time, The Jenny Pincher and My Personal Finance Journey for hosting and including my articles in the recent carnivals.

Happy Sunday!

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  • You draw a really nice car though!
    Mike and I are sitting here waiting for youtube to download part II of the ‘We are so F**ked’ series. Really that will not be the name! We need to find a more appropriate title for our niche website series. Right now Mike’s mom won’t send her friends to our site for fear they will see the post title and be offended :?
    Thanks for the linky!

  • I second the car drawing compliment, and also have to say I just enjoyed part I & II of We are so F**ked. Inappropriate or no, I can agree with the sentiment, and I think Mike & Molly are rocking the vlog! Good job guys.

    • Lindy

      Agreed! I’m loving the vlogs. I just watched part 2 as well.

    • Thanks to both of you. We are really enjoying the new medium of video and glad people are watching.

  • Thanks for the mention! nice cars. ;)

  • Thanks for the shout out!

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