Professional Healthcare Tools that Anyone Can Have in their Pocket

by Justin on January 19, 2017

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Technology is constantly shaping our lifestyles and avoiding no part of our lives. From how we communicate with each other, do business, travel, or shop, we are finding our lives constantly adapting to the newest gadgets, inventions, or applications. One field that is truly innovating is that of medicine. Advances in this area is giving us more control over our own health, from tracking steps, to storing and accessing online medical records, or using apps for recording daily data for review by a specialist.

The great thing is that we are taking technology previously only accessible in clinics or hospitals and giving it to the consumer. This means less time spent in medical centers, more information for the average person, and in most cases, a more portable and easy-to-carry solution. There are plenty of healthcare tools that one can easily store in a purse or a pocket. Small, discrete, and easy to use, they signal that it’s time to take our health into our own hands.

Digital Thermometer

Do you remember those glass, mercury-filled personal thermometers that everyone used to have at home? One would hardly carry one of those in their back pocket. Thankfully, we now have safer and more hardy digital thermometers which we can easily throw into a handbag or diaper bag when traveling with kids. No more “feeling out” a fever with your hands or asking a nurse to measure it for you. Digital thermometers are compact, easy to use, and extremely valuable, especially since a fever is often the first symptom for many diseases, infections, and viruses.

Blood Sugar Monitor

Practically everyone has a friend or family member with diabetes. If you have ever spent more time with them or taken a first aid course, you’ll understand the grave implications that come with having irregular blood sugar levels. Having a pocket-sized blood sugar monitor is something which most diabetics invest in and use on a regular basis. Unless you or one of your close family members has been diagnosed with diabetes, there is often little use for you toting one around, however, we can all appreciate the portability of this device. In fact, more and more people are starting to use insulin pumps which don’t just monitor but also automatically adjust insulin levels in your body to keep everything balanced. Just a small device, with it has such big implications.

Electric Pain Relief

Though it’s true that a couple of painkillers also fit easily in your pocket, people who are apprehensive regarding the side effects which can arise from medication use will be happy to hear that there are alternative pain relief sources that don’t involve ingesting pills. Alpha-Stim is a little pocket-sized device that provides advanced microcurrent electrotherapy (MET) and directly targets pain. This is something that you can fire up at work, at home, and everywhere in between depending on your needs.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Especially with this aging population, we find that high blood pressure is one of the most popular health concerns. However, keeping track on a regular basis can be quite the commitment. Having a wrist blood pressure monitor allows the wearer to judge situations in which blood pressure rises as well as the effect which lifestyle changes, like exercise, can bring. It can influence daily habits and decision making, especially when it’s a visible and portable part of your daily “must-haves”.

Modern medicine is stocking hospitals with large, expensive, new technology, however the average Joe is also getting access to new tools which we previously only accessible by health care professionals. Thanks to the portability and newfound affordability of these tools, you can have greater control over your health and treatment. One can only wonder what the future will bring.

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