Questions That Will Help You Save Swimming Pool Construction Costs

by Justin on October 25, 2016

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As a property owner who wants a swimming pool in the backyard, you might think it a costly affair. The lack of knowledge is what causes many homeowners to make mistakes and spend more than they should when it comes to the excavation of their swimming pool.

Some shady contractors have taken advantage of the lack of knowledge on the part of property owners and charged them more than they should. In other instances, such contractors have made decisions that would increase the costs.

There are some questions you can ask your contractor beforehand to cover any eventualities and save on costs. Some of them are as follows:


What Are The Options When We Hit A Rock or Water?

Remember when no soil tests are done, pool builders will never know when they will hit a rock when digging. It is natural to worry about an unexpected cost which can come about only when the pool diggers hit rock or groundwater.

The Options When You Hit Rock

  • In the event, you hit a rock it is advisable that you move the pool to an area with less rock to save on excavation costs. You can dig some test holes to determine this.
  • If there is no other area and your backyard is all there is, you can continue to hammer or just blast the rock out and continue with your pool installation; remember you will incur more costs if you decide to continue.
  • You can decide to elevate your pool and still have it in the original area; you will also incur extra costs with this option.
  • The last option would be filling the hole and paying the contractor for the work and hoping to install your pool in the next property you buy.

The Options When You Hit Ground Water

  • You can install a dewatering system and keep the hole dry until your pool has been installed. This option is especially effective when you are installing a fiberglass pool.
  • You can also opt for the elevation of the pool.
  • Shore up the wet soil which in some cases could be unstable and result to cave-ins, there are excavation companies offering speed shoring for sale and they can be very helpful in such a case. The charges will depend on how big your pool area is.

Never let these unexpected costs keep you from constructing a pool in the backyard. Just plan accordingly and allocate extra costs for such an unexpected eventuality.


What Will I Do With The Dirt?

Establish what to do with the dirt beforehand. The dirt will be a lot, and the best plan to get rid of it is by having the contractor haul it away or just hire someone to come and get rid of it.


Will I save When I Dig the Hole Myself?

Doing the pool excavation yourself might seem like a way of saving cash. The truth is that most construction companies will charge more than they should when you dig the hole yourself.

Remember the company will bring their big excavating machine to set the pool, so they might as well do the pool excavation.

The initial hustle of constructing a pool might be difficult, but when you and your family and friends swim and laze around in the pool area, all the effort will be worth the great feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. Later in future, you can find some useful tips for remodeling your pool and giving it a new look so you can continue enjoying what it has to offer.



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