Quick Ways to Make Extra Money

by Justin on March 8, 2015

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Have you found yourself in desperate need of cash? I think we have all been in that position one time or another. Depending on your specific situation there are actually a number a different ways you can come up with cash in a pinch.

If you’re a health individual, then giving blood or plasma is one way. There is always a shortage of blood and plasma, and companies are willing to pay decent money for “donations”. There are also the gender specific items that can be sold as well. More specifically, men can be paid for their semen, and women’s breast milk is surprisingly always in high demand.

I know this concept is nothing new but it is still effective, you can sell items you own online! People always have old electronics and clothes that go unused and clutter our closets. Just take an hour or two on a weekend and dig through your closet and post the items online. You can sell on a local ad site like Craigslist, or an online auction site like Ebay.

If you are involved in a lawsuit and can’t wait for the final verdict and settlement, then you can look into pre settlement funding companies that will pay you the settlement now and they will wait for payment later. Of course they pay you a percentage of the total settlement so they can turn a profit, but if you need money quick then this can be a great idea.

You can always earn money online. Typically you won’t get a same day payment, but weekly or monthly is a possibility. There are a ton of online surveys that will pay you $1 to $2 per survey to fill out. If you have the time to kill then this can be a great way to earn a few extra bucks.

If you are currently employed and want to see more money in your paychecks instantly then you can simply adjust your tax withholding. If you are currently seeing an annual tax refund then you can divvy up that refund throughout the year into your actual paychecks.

Are you a smart cookie? Tutoring people in subjects like math, science, and English can come out to big bucks! Parents are willing to pay handsome hourly rates, sometimes upwards of $40 an hour, to tutor their children in these difficult subjects. Online sites like Wyzant are a great place to find these types of local gigs.

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