Shop Savvy: How to Make your Budget Go the Extra Mile

by Justin on February 23, 2015

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Shopping for things you need is one thing, but getting the things you want can be a bank breaker. Magazines, tailored ads from cookies, and social media make us want the finer things in life. From designer fashions, the latest home appliances, luxury travel–it’s hard enough to pay the bills, let alone let loose and feel frugally free. Below are some great ways to help you make the most of your money and free time.


Get Your Coupon On

Couponing can be intimidating. There are clubs and groups dedicated to the $100 shop, and somehow  you get $10 back. How does that work? Coupons. Companies like Groupon have some of the biggest deals that you can find to make your money go the extra mile. After groceries and basic household needs, you still want to maintain your beauty, get a little birthday gift, or pamper yourself. Check out shops like Shutterfly or Sports Authority. When you coupon like this, you can afford a sweet keepsake for a friend and those designer yoga pants you’ve been eyeing.

Sale Away

Learning how to spot a big sale can really get you some good deals. You gotta think outside the box on this one. Stores regularly run ads with sale items, but you can also download apps like Groupon for your smartphone. Not only can you use your location to map deals in your area, you can track your purchased vouchers, save ink and avoid paper cuts by paying right from your phone, and grab the best deals from 50-90% off food, fun, fashion and travel!

Holiday Deals

Grab killer deals exclusive to holiday events! You can really stretch your budget during random holidays. Think President’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, White Sales, Founders’ Days, and more. Random holidays are the best days to get what you want up to 90% off the retail price from big department stores. Check out stores like Home Depot, Sears and Nordstrom for these big sales on everything from furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, jewelry, shoes and more!

Promo Codes

Ditch the traditional coupon, and get your promo on. Promo codes, coupon codes and voucher codes are the best search terms to use when scouring Google for the best deals. Next time you need a tire change, internet search it. Need a brazilian wax, check Groupon. Want a new sheet set, comforter or decorative pillows, check the world wide web. From Fox Rental Cars to American Eagle and even Walgreens there are bound to be extra 20% off coupons, a sweet 50% off sale, or designer shams for $12.99 online.

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