Smart shoppers’ guide: 5 unusual ways to pay less

by Justin on April 19, 2016

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Picture this, you are hanging out at the mall. Shop after shop, you set foot in out of curiosity; and there they are, beautiful displays filled with temptations. Your attention is now fully absorbed by that one thing on the hanger that screams “Take me home with you !”.

Plot twist, it’s not that time of the year with overwhelming red signs yelling “Mid-year sale ! 50 % off ! Seasonal discount! Black Friday sale !  Everything must go !” everywhere.

Oh snap !… You have your rent and bills due in a couple of days, this is definitely not the right time to indulge.  And yet, you can’t let it go.

Well, you have 3 options ; miserably walk home unable to stop thinking about it, making an irrational decision that you will regret 3 seconds after they swipe your credit card or be a smart shopper and take advantage of these 5 little-known good deals.

  1. Social media influencer.

It’s the new big thing. People come up with unique contents to become the next Youtube sensation or famous Instagram influencer with billions of views and millions of likes. It’s not surprising that brands reach out to them to promote their latest release. How is this beneficial for you ? You can get discount codes out of it. If you’re not one of those who read the captions on Instagram or scroll down the info bar on Youtube, you might want to start doing it from now on.

  1. E-mail and newsletter.

Let’s be honest, we all subscribe to newsletters and never actually bother to open nor read them. In fact, most of the time, they end up being junked. Before deleting them next time, take a quick look. What you can find in those annoying e-mails could leave you flabbergasted. Think about exceptional discounts, flash sales or limited time free shipping with no minimum amount for online shoppers.

  1. Online surveys.

Companies and brands need to hear from you.  Some of them would ask you to fill out an online survey to rate your satisfaction and give your personal thoughts and / or suggestions. Don’t you worry, it’s not a waste of time. You will be rewarded with some sort of rebate, like a discount code, for your time and effort. You both get something out of it.  It’s a win-win.

  1. Shop assistant special price.

Are you a great mingler ? You probably never thought you could use it to spend less. Depending on the company, some employees are granted with special  deals or discounts. If you’re a great bargainer, there’s a way for you to take advantage of that for your own account. It might not always work but it’s definitely worth the try. So, how to convince them ? You can talk about commission : “ I deserve that  discount because I am helping you out on your commission”. Find a way to make it sound like you’re both winning without putting them in an uncomfortable position.

  1. Student discount.

Have you ever wondered why or where you could ever use your student card for fun ? Keep it with you next time you are out and about, it might help you save some bucks and that is always fun. A lot of stores are offering special deals for students all year long for about everything from clothing to techs. So if you’re a student, don’t miss your chance.

There you have it, you will now feel a little less guilty when you treat yourself to unaffordable new pair of stilettos. You can finally shop the latest styles of men’s watches without waiting for the next seasonal sale. You might even be able to upgrade your phone and not being in the red afterwards. You’re welcome.

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