Smart Storage Ideas for Your Home and Workplace

by Justin on January 19, 2017

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“The storage” used to be the name we gave spaces which we had no use for, but slowly, we have evolved to attribute a lot of value these nooks. It seems like there is never enough storage space, no matter how big our garage is, how many storage sheds we have in the yard, the number of cabinets in the kitchen, or the size of the bedroom walk-in closets.

People have actually profited from opening and operating business that just deal with overflow of storage, whether that is a sailboat, a snowmobile, or just a storage locker full of junk you no longer use. Yet we have to face the fact that no matter how much of a minimalist you are or how smart you are with your inventory orders, storage is something that every household and business deals with.

Here are some modern storage solutions which you can consider installing in your home or place of work to increase your storage capacity and have more space for more important things.

  1. Garment Conveyers

Transform your laundry room, closets, or warehouse with garment conveyors that are mainly used to store high volumes of garments in the smallest space possible. A great solution for big families, dry cleaners, and those who store clothing or uniforms. Install them in a room, a closet, or any space you would like one in and transform your other closets to store other things like décor pieces, extra food, or laundry accessories.

  1. Furniture with Storage

Storage isn’t usually the primary function of furniture like couches, sofas, and tables, but why not make the most of these items to cut through the clutter and create an organizational system that your whole family can benefit from. Look for futons with a space for extra linens, coffee tables with drawers or hidden compartments for hosting items like coasters, napkins, good silverware, or table runners. Expect more from your furniture and you’ll find that you will need fewer pieces dedicated to just storage.

  1. Use the Ceiling

Have you ever noticed how we are prone to using less than half of the height of our spaces? The majority of our stuff rests on the floor, with only some of it reaching eye-level. It’s time to reclaim the upper portions of our living spaces by installing floating cabinets, suspending seasonal items like snowboards or bicycles from the garage ceiling, and providing cute milkmaid stepping stools where needed for easy access to these high spots. In a warehouse situation, get storage systems that make use of the vertical space you have, investing, if needed, in tools and equipment that will help you access these areas. This means you could be paying less rent for a smaller warehouse instead of getting one with an overwhelming square footage.

  1. Buy Inserts for your Cabinets

Forget about the kitchen your parent’s house had, and start thinking about what the kitchen of today should look like. Capitalize on all the space in your cabinets by installing sliding, easy-access drawers, smart solutions for corner access, and double trays for your shallow drawers. Squeeze out all the storage you can from your island unit or peninsula, and look for narrow sliding drawers to capitalize on those narrow cracks between the stove and the bottom cabinets or the fridge and the wall.

There are many online blogs and professional services geared towards helping people make the most of their space, both in their home and at their workplace. Take advantage of this new year to start of series of projects that will bring you closer to the storage potential you have. You’ll find that the more storage you can accommodate in your living space, the clearer and bigger the area will look.

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