Smart Tips on Building and Maintaining Your Professional Network

by Justin on August 28, 2017

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In today’s economy, having a strong and wide professional network is a must. There are a lot of opportunities that can only be accessed when you connect with the right people. You can benefit from referrals, gain access to resources, and even recruit the right people with a strong professional network.

Building and maintaining a professional network are actually easier than you think. Here are the best tips you can use to get started.

Speak More

Don’t hesitate to speak about your business or what you do professionally whenever there is an opportunity. When introducing yourself to a new person, for example, mention what you do or the business you are in. It may sound simple, but it is a crucial first step towards establishing a professional network.

What you want to avoid is speaking too much. Be genuine and participate in the ongoing conversation in a positive way. People will remember you better when you are sincere when introducing yourself and your business.

Seek and Utilize Opportunities

Networking opportunities can be found everywhere. A friend who just founded his own startup was able to connect with some of the most remarkable people in his industry from the Rutgers Online AACSB online MBA program he was taking at the time. Online MBA programs are perfect for networking since a lot of professionals are taking them and many industry leaders are teaching the classes.

You can also seek networking opportunities from various sources. Social media, for example, allows you to communicate with industry experts directly. Personal blogs – and visiting others’ blogs – help you develop an online reputation that makes networking even easier. You can even connect with new people during local networking events.

Share More

We mentioned having a personal blog earlier. Sharing your expertise is an effective way of connecting with the right people in today’s modern world. Start a personal blog and work on developing a strong online presence if you are serious about expanding your professional network.

Simple things such as sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn create a huge impact when they reach the right people. A personal blog filled with quality content will also help establish credibility. It allows you to build a name for yourself. The next time you introduce yourself to others, they may already know who you are from reading your posts.


A tip that many professionals often neglect when it comes to networking is doing volunteer work. Volunteering in positive projects is not only good for giving back to the community but also helps with expanding your professional network.

Professionals who volunteer are more likely to meet fellow professionals with the same passion. Having the same view and passion is always a good way to start a relationship. The volunteer work is also a great addition to your resume or CV.

These tips are simple enough to implement, but they are effective in helping you build and maintain your professional network. It is never too early to start; connect with the right people and maintain relationships with the tips we covered in this article.

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