Snippets From A Weekend: Jacksonville Edition

by Lindy on January 24, 2011

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On Friday we all hopped on a northbound plane and landed in southern Oregon.

We were there to attend my grandfather’s 90th birthday party.

We saw trees, and picket fences, and deer, and gulped in a lot of cold wet refreshing air.  And we walked a lot.  And drank a ton of coffee from the Good Bean.

The whole extended family was together for the weekend.  And A-Rob’s parents and grandparents drove down from middle Oregon to spend a day with us too.  There was a lot of story telling around tables of good food.

I have to say it is quite exhausting traveling with two rambunctious boys.  Every two seconds they were getting ready to destroy something else. Or throwing their new Zu Zu Pets from Grandma down flights of stairs.

I have a lot of posts to write, but my ability to form sentences is severely lacking after the travels.

So for now I’m going to fold a few piles of laundry and watch the episode of Big Love waiting for me on the DVR.

How was your weekend?

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  • Sounds like a great time. I am getting a little wanderlust lately. I just asked my husband if we should try to go to New Zealand this year. (Some close friends moved there). He just looked at me like I was some kind of masochist for wanting to travel for 24 hours with our 2 year old wild child. (Our 5 year old is great, but the other one is a handful).

    • Lindy

      Hahahaha. That would be suicide. I barely made it during our 2 hour flight.

  • What is that bright orb that causes glare in some of your pictures? Everything here is just cloudy and gray.

    What a nice trip, I am filled with envy. Glad you got away, and happy birthday to grandpa!

    • Lindy

      It was inordinately sunny that weekend. Lucky us!

  • Kristin aka Sissy

    What a fun family weekend we had in Jacksonville! I love your photos-the one of the boys walking down the street with their hoods on and Baby Rock’s little back pack following behind him is quite cute. I am missing hanging out in the kitchen at the Magnolia Inn-especially during our delicious breakfasts. It was such a treat that we could all be together for Poppy’s 90th birthday celebration!

    • Lindy

      I was going to get a picture of those delicious breakfasts, but of course my camera ran out of battery. We’ll just have to go back and get more!

  • Must. Stop. Reading.

    But this is how far into the archives I’ve gotten in a few short days – I’m already in the year that’s happening right now!

    But I have to do some work now.

    You’re fab, and hilarious. That is all.

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