Sunday Snippets: Slow Internet Movement

by Lindy on April 3, 2011

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Have you heard of the Slow Internet Movement? Apparently young hipsters are embracing slower internet speeds as a form of nostalgia.  Scientists say that slower internet speeds give us the perception that time goes by slower (I’ll take a slower life!), and makes people feel more peaceful and happy.

NPR did a story about it on Friday and I was all prepared to link to it today.  Then I realized that the Slow Internet Movement was NPR’s April Fool’s Day story.  I was duped.  Duped!

Now that I know it was a prank, I feel better about myself.  Slow internet makes me cranky and impatient, not happy and peaceful.  I was thinking there was something wrong with me.

I also fell for the please use other door prank at Baby Rock’s preschool.  What can I say?  I’m a trusting person.


Here are the articles I enjoyed this week.  Hopefully none of them are April Fool’s jokes.

A 3 Hat Pile Up – When Mom, Work and Blogging Collide by Mom in Management (this story may sound familiar to some of you)

Ordinary Pleasures: The Well-Kept Secret of little things that make you feel RICH by Fabulously Broke in the City

Did you know you can make a building out of junk mail?  Molly on Money shows you how over at First Gen American.

Were you duped at all this week? Or did you do the duping?

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  • I was thinking the same thing about slow internet being super annoying. Hulu did the slow internet prank too. It had been a long time since I had heard the dial up buzzing. It is strange that my kids don’t even know what that noise is. A friend of mine used to have a parrot and its cage was near the computer and it used to make the dial up noise all the time.

    • Lindy

      I remember when I’d be on the internet and someone would call, booting me off. Then it would take FOREVER to get back on again. It happened a lot because I shared a house with four girls and that was before the days of cell phones. Ah, the good old days…

  • Jaysus. Live in NZ and experience slow internet rage! It’s not fun.

    Nearly got duped by AIR NZ’s “pay what you weigh” airfares. It was a good one – they set up a new site for it and everything.

    • Lindy

      Ooh. That doesn’t sound like fun.

  • I’m so glad you liked my article describing the chaos of working mom! I really appreciate you sharing it here and will make sure to read the other two you mentioned also.

    • Lindy

      You bet! It was a great article. I felt like I was reading a day out of my own life. :)

  • Oh tee hee! The joke going around this area was a $200 fine for those households who still have their Christmas decorations up outside. I’m almost sorry that was a joke because..people – it’s April for goodness sake!

    • Lindy

      That would be nice if it wasn’t a joke. Isn’t taking the lights down the easy part?

  • Thanks for the mention. Although I didn’t fall for the story that Justin Bieber knocked up Selena Gomez pregnant I did fall for this one!

    • Lindy

      I missed the Bieber story – though I most likely would have fallen for it too given my track record. I even told my husband about the Slow Internet Movement and he believed it too. Suckers, we are.

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