Taking a Break from Real Life – Are You In?

by Lindy on November 8, 2010

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All this talk about the future and dreams has made me want to take a further break from reality (because that’s healthy) and talk about dream jobs.

My ultimate dream job is to be a paint color namer (I’m pretty sure that’s the official title).

My reasoning is simple, I love paint, the best colors make me drool.  And I love words.

I figure the job wouldn’t be too stressful because, come on, how many colors would need to be named at once?  My guess is not too many, so I could take my sweet time.

And I could let my wildest creative juices flow.  I could be as weird or as random as I wanted to in my naming, because no one will ever know who I am, or really even care.   And it would give me an excuse to research other languages and cultures and ideas in order to come up with my word inspiration.

dream jobs

But, I’m probably going to be leaving this one on the forever dream list.  Considering there are only a handful of paint brands, and I can’t imagine they would employ more than one person to do this.

And I surmise the competition is pretty steep whenever this position opens up, because doesn’t everyone want to be a paint color namer?

My second dream job is to be an artisan.  And not just any artisan.  Have you ever watched Man Shops Globe, the show on the Sundance Channel that follows Keith Johnson, head buyer for Anthropologie, as he jaunts around the world looking for unique wares to sell in Anthropologie’s stores?

Side Note: if you haven’t seen this show, you must.  But don’t watch it late at night.  I’ve made this mistake way too many times. My brain goes crazy with inspiration and keeps me up into the wee hours thinking of new things to create.

I would be an artisan to whom Keith would come to look at the wares in my garage.  He wouldn’t even have to hop any oceans to do it.  He could furnish Anthropologie with everything in my collection.  Although, that might make for a boring episode.

Another Side Note: in case you were wondering, I currently have no wares in my garage to sell.  But maybe if I can get one of those machines that stops time so that everyone else is frozen and I can work away to my little heart’s content, then I could be in business.

So that pretty much covers my two dream jobs right now.  What are yours?  Totally random and outlandish ones are welcome too.

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  • Great Story. I’ll have to think of one of my own dream jobs.

    A couple of people from where I work were chemical engineers and went to work at Sherwin Williams. I’m guessing that the paint color namer isn’t someone’s only job description. They are probably responsible for about 75 other things in marketing too as someone in that function is 100% overhead. Chemical companies require a lot of capital to operate so they are pretty good at minimizing costs that don’t directly relate to making the product.

    Because I’m tied so closely to the chemical industry, I like your artisan idea way better. I definitely can see the grass is greener view of that job because I don’t know the reality of it. Plus, I love the whole slow movement and what’s slower than making something entirely by hand?

    • Lindy

      Yep, I knew my dream job was too good to be true :)

  • My somewhat-realistic dream job: professional organizer.
    My totally-unrealistic dream job: people-yell-at-er.

    Regarding your dream job see http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081116203549AAMVErN it does exist! ;)

    • Lindy

      Seriously, what would we do without Yahoo answers? I like both of your dream jobs too.

  • Kept woman? Idle rich? Hm…

  • I have always wondered how they came up with paint color names. Now I know that it is someone’s life aspiration and they get the job! :)

    I have not watched the show you mentioned on Sundance. I am writing it down so I can see when it is on!

  • Domenic

    As someone with both corporate marketing and paint industry experience, I’ll guess that color names are 0% what artists and chemical engineers believe are the most accurate representation of the color, and 100% what the marketing department believes will appeal to housewives. That gives you a shot at the job! NFirst Gen American is right, you’d have to mange direct marketing campaigns too. They only release new colors every so often.

    My dream job is Professional Uncontested Opinion Giver. Call me if you see it on Monster.com.

    • Lindy

      Maybe I could find one of these so-called paint marketers and convince them to sub-out the naming part to MEEE!

      I believe your dream job, Domenic, is called “professional blogger.”

  • I’ve been telling people since I had to pick out paint colors on an architectural project when I was 17…I too want to be a “paint chip namer.” SOMEONE has to have that job, why can’t it be me? I thought I was the only weirdo, but I guess not!

    (PS — found your blog a few days ago and I am single in my 20s and without kids…but I too am trying to pay down my debts and lead a sane life. Unlike a lot of PF blogs out there, I can actually relate to your writing!)

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