Things to Know Before Moving Down South

by Justin on May 15, 2017

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Texas is the US’s second largest state and has gained considerable attention for the sheer number of people moving there. Long distance moving companies like United Van Lines have benefited from all of the people moving to Texas, however, going down south, particularly if you have not lived there before, could provide a few culture shocks. There are also a number of things you need to know about the practicalities of moving there.

Job Growth is Huge Here

The main reason why people are moving to Texas is that the energy sector is king and it’s growing every day. This has also influenced the growth of sectors, including technology. Combine the increase in jobs with the fact that there’s no personal state income tax and it should come as no surprise that people are making their futures here.

Land is Cheap

Texas is huge in size and land is in abundance. That has allowed land prices to stay low, and subsequently house prices. Even though prices in the big cities are going up, they are still far more reasonable than cities in states like California and in New York.

Before you start looking at cheap land and property, though, start by hiring a real estate agent near a city like Austin, Texas.

The Weather is Changing in Texas

Texas has always been one of the hottest states in the country. Anyone moving here should be aware of the fact that they will need to conform to the higher temperatures. The weather is changing, though. Due to the energy sector, the temperatures are only getting higher.

If you love the hot weather and want to get a tan, this is the place to be.

Texas is Tough but Friendly

“Don’t Mess with Texas.”

We have all heard it before and yet it is far more than a motto in Texas. It has the most residents enlisted in the military and the majority of people are carrying guns. You can walk into a gas station and buy a gun at the same time. That is how much Texas is a fan of the Second Amendment.

But the Lone Star State still takes immense pride in its popularity.

Tornadoes are a Menace

The vast open plains of Texas make a great habitat for tornadoes. Texas by far has the largest number of tornadoes of any state of the country. But don’t despair because the major cities are rarely affected, and most populated areas are out of the path of most of these natural disasters.

However, it is always good to be aware of this fact before you decide to go down south and buy a ranch in the middle of nowhere.

Last Word – What You Really Need to Know about Texas

The number one thing you need to know about Texas is that this is one of the fastest growing states in all areas. With low taxes and low house prices, this is the ideal location to start a family and build a future.

Come and visit Texas and see why it’s one of the most unique places in the country to live!

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