Tired of Funding Wars and Global Violence?

by Kyle Taylor on April 18, 2014

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You might not know it, but if you’re paying your taxes – as hard-working people arguably should – then you’re funding wars and violence around the world. In the UK, Trident, the nuclear submarine programme agreed by MP Thatcher and President Carter which is tax-payer funded, would save the tax payer 83bn if it was scrapped, according to one think tank.  Similarly, in the US, the government is about to spend $1.5 trillion on a fighter jet, while billions will be cut from the food-stamp programme.

Tragedies such as this are happening all across the world, and the hard-earned taxes paid by the people who put politicians where they are in the first place are not being put back into the communities that elected them; instead they’re being used to terrorize, and attack. We’re not necessarily advising that you don’t pay your taxes; instead, we think that you should try to dedicate some of your earnings to other causes that are perhaps more relevant. Here are just three obvious ones.

Supporting Your Local Community

You might not be able to control exactly where your taxes go because all the money gets fed into one large pot. Thankfully, though, you can make direct contributions to local people by putting aside some funds to truly invest in your community. Whether it’s by planting vegetables on disused plots of land to help feed the needy, or knocking on the doors of your elderly neighbors regularly to be that well-needed support, your time is equally as precious as your money. What is more important than the idea that your taxes go towards supporting the community you live in? As is well known, change generally comes from below, not from above, so if you really want to help people and make a difference to people’s lives, do what you can on a local level.

Investing in Your Own Future

You can’t support your local community unless you’re in a comfortable position yourself. You can help yourself by developing your own personal portfolio of investments. If you have a significant amount of savings in your bank, use them to pay for the deposit on a house, which you could then mortgage and rent out. Unfortunately, not everybody has thousands and thousands of pounds sat in their bank accounts, meaning that property flipping is likely out of reach of most people. A more affordable option – though more complicated and risky – would be to get involved in trading currency in the foreign exchange markets using something like an ECN MT5 account. The benefit of this is that you can start trading with a minimum of $200 – pennies relative to property investment.

Balancing Your Conscience

It’s illegal to not pay your taxes, but if you want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to help the people of the communities that you care about, you’ll need to build a sensible balance of supporting yourself and supporting those around you; only this way will you be able to effectively target who you need to target.

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