Turning Your Passion into a Business

by Justin on September 26, 2017

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We all have our own set of hobbies or interests- for some it might be knitting, while for others it’s playing videogames. It’s something we get excited about, we gain a sense of accomplishment with, and clearly brings us pleasure.

If everyone has something that gets them excited, why do so many people still work in jobs that give them no satisfaction or joy? There are a few reasons, ranging from financial stability to benefits for their family, however, there’s nothing stopping you from dipping your toe into your entrepreneurial side and testing the waters with your own business idea.

Come up with an Idea

Whether it’s an experience, product, or service that you’re selling, if it’s tied to your hobbies and passions, it’s likely something that both you and others will enjoy. Think of something new or different that will set you apart from existing companies, or better yet, create a business that fits the skills you have already professionally developed along with your interest. An example of this is becoming a music marketing professional that helps emerging bands- it links your marketing competencies with a love of music, especially of local artists. If you are passionate, your clients and audience will feel it and be drawn to you.

Start Small

It’s easy to get a business to blow up when you have endless resources to structure, create, and promote it. Reality is that no one has that kind of cash, and if you are like most small business owners, the money that you will be investing is coming out of your life savings. Don’t be afraid to start small- sell your signature cookies at the local farmer’s market or your customized watches through your own online store. This will give you an opportunity to test the market, hone in on your special voice, and figure out how you want to grow.

Start Scaling

When you were thinking of your business idea, you probably had great dreams in mind. A chain of video game cafes or being known nationwide for your handmade furniture. Now that you have started and have a better grip on your business and the market, it’s time to forge ahead! With your proof of concept you can secure financing from investors or the bank needed to take the next steps. If your budget is still low, consider getting in touch with an industrial process equipment seller, serving the equipment needs of clients nationwide, and using your network to get meetings with influencers in the area.

Assemble a Team

There are very few, if any, businesses that you can run by yourself if you hope to secure a living wage. Between sales, marketing, actually doing what you do, and growing, you’re likely overwhelmed and sleep deprived. A point will come when you decide to “just do it” and hire someone on, even if it’s just your partner for now. Knowing when and who to ask for help can make a huge impact on the success of your passion based business.

Live the Dream

When you’re a business owner, it always seems like your goals are moving further away from you and you keep working towards making them come true. However, take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are living the dream: you have a job associated with something that you love to do. Gratefulness and ambition should go together if you hope to see all of your expectations come to life.

Yes, it’s the American dream, but that doesn’t mean that dreams don’t come true! You can be spending your life doing something you love instead of counting down the hours when you can get home from work and dive into your passion!

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