Visual Advertisements for a Successful Business

by Kyle Taylor on March 8, 2013

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Selecting the right advertisement for your business can be a make it or break it decision for many small business owners. Ads can be expensive, and if the design isn’t right then you may not be able to afford any reproductions. It would be wise to consider what you will need the advertisement for before you purchase anything. Think about your business and what type of display will catch the attention for your market area and target demographic. Once you have a clear idea of what you will need from your advertisement displays, start looking at the various options available.

There are a number of mediums that visual advertisements can use to build a demand for a product. Television is a major one, as well as decals, banners and even cars. The average American sees about 250 advertisements every 24 hours, although only half of that are processed by the conscious mind. These are a few visual advertisements that can be easily utilized to promote your product or service.


Banners are the most common business sign purchased by small business owners. There are a number of different types of banners that can be invested in. The standard banner is 36×96 inches and has a hole in each corner rimmed with a metal grommet. These holes allow you to attach a rope and string up the sign for premium visual range. Banners can also be attached to stands and stay up right without being tied to anything but the stand. Fabric banners that wrap around entire walls can also be acquired. For sport affiliated businesses or professionals, pennant and flag banners can also be printed with advertisements. These advertisements can be purchased and downloaded from the internet or uploaded to an ad printing site from your own database. This is useful if you have a logo in mind for your ad.


Decals customized for your business can be attached to the walls, windows and floors of the building your business is in. These decals can turn your office windows into a business sign that will attract customers as they walk by. The decals can be customized artwork, lettering or a combination of the two. Most advertisement providers also have a number of stock texts and designs they can use in your decals.


You can also turn your car or truck into a mobile advertisement using decals, among other things. Magnets and bumper stickers, for example, can be fixed to a vehicle to promote a business. The entirety of the car, including the rear window, can be fitted with a polymer wrap that has a customized image. Smaller graphics can also be fixed to the side or front of your vehicle. Using these methods, you can use your vehicle as a business sign while you run your errands.

These are just a few ways you can use visual advertisements to increase your business. All successful businesses have intricate advertisement programs and planning, and you should consider all possible options when looking for your own advertisements. Keep in mind what you will need the ad for. For example, if you are driving around from job site to job site all day, consider getting some graphics for your truck to advertise while you travel.

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